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Maunga-o-Rangi first to see the sun near Gisborne

After 30 years of ownership by the same farming family, Maunga-o-Rangi station is now on the market. It provides an opportunity for investors and farmers alike to build a multi-income pastoral operation from its well-founded pastoral base.

Split 45:55 percent between sheep and beef income, the station provides a good platform for incoming purchasers, with farm income levels are at a historical peak thanks to continuing strong demand from overseas markets for quality red meat.

Meantime, an exceptional level of farm infrastructure means a new operator can kick ownership off seamlessly without the need for any additional major capital expenditure to bring the property up to scratch.

Assets include a tidy six-stand woolshed with overnight yards for 1,200 sheep, two implement sheds including stable facilities, assorted hay-sheds and dog kennels. A brand-new set of cattle yards finished to a high-quality standard on a concrete base are also supported by three sets of satellite sheep yards around the property.

Bayleys Gisborne salesperson Simon Bousfield says the station’s sale has sparked strong local and national interest, with its locality to Gisborne city adding significantly to its appeal.

“To find a station with the capacity to run almost 11,000 stock units so close to Gisborne moves Maunga-o-Rangi to another level.

“That proximity provides opportunities to work off the station, and also adds to the property’s appeal when it comes to attracting staff.”

Maunga-o-Rangi features a character homestead befitting its scale, with expansive seven bedrooms, two lounges and open plan living throughout, with an aspect looking across the property from established gardens.

There is also a tidy second three-bedroom manager’s property.

Muanga-o-Rangi has recently featured in the respected Countrywide farming magazine.

The current management’s focus on maintaining farm productivity through a careful fertiliser programme is reflected in its holding capacity, running 440 breeding cows, 400 heifers 200 steers balanced by 2,400 ewes 1100 two tooths and 1200 ewe hoggets this season to total about 10,660 stock units. Last season’s lambing percentages reflect the past three-year average, at 159%.

The property provides a mix of medium to steeper hill country with a variety of aspects throughout.

The north end of the property offers good warm sheltered breeding country while the steeper hill country lies more to the southern end.

The balance of easier country on Maunga-o-Rangi means the property is self-contained to a high degree, capable of breeding and finishing lambs to good carcass weights.

The entire property sits within a rainfall “sweet spot” for the district, with 1,700mm annual rainfall combined with high sunshine hours offering a long growing season, and minimal risk of cold, hard winters.

That consistent rainfall also feeds into good water supply on Maunga-o-Rangi with multiple man-made dams comprising the main water supply, usually spring fed and consistently supplying stock water all year round.

Simon Bousfield says Maunga-o-Rangi’s steeper southern land may offer some opportunity for owners to capitalise on forestry returns, given proximity to Gisborne port and the ideal growing conditions the country offers.

“But interest from pastoral farmers in Maunga-o-Rangi has been particularly strong this spring. Maunga-o-Rangi offers a great opportunity to scale up, coming at time when, despite the Covid challenges around the world, New Zealand red meat remains in strong demand, and is fetching record returns.

“On a recreational level Maunga-o-Rangi also offers a wealth of opportunities. Whether your interests lie inland around hunting and river fishing, the hinterland for this is enormous. Meanwhile you are also well under an hour from some of the most pristine coastline in New Zealand for surfing, fishing and swimming.”

The property is for sale by tender, closing November 3.

**Interested parties can contact **** Simon Bousfield **

**M: +64 27 665 8778 **

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