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Selwyn's senior students take the reins with new playground designs

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Broadfield School’s principal Mike Molloy has a favourite saying for parents and their children, “The more involved you are in school, the more you get out of school.”

Under Mr. Molloy’s guidance, the school is currently undertaking major renovations and refurbishments. These include a modernisation of the twelve year old playground and sandpit (pictured right) which will be designed by the students, for the students.

Broadfield School is located in the Selwyn District of Canterbury on the corner of Shands and Robinsons Road. Local Canterbury businesses and the Selwyn community are pulling together to get this special project underway with major contributions from Chris Jones of Bayleys Canterbury, Fulton Hogan and landscape architects Jasmax.

“We like to ensure our community and students are involved in making our environment engaging and stimulating,” says Mr. Molloy.

“As an Enviroschool, the students have developed a vision to ensure they are able to design, plan and improve their school environment. This year, Year 7 and 8 students decided the sand pit needed a big overhaul.”


Senior students have put their imaginations on paper and submitted their own design briefs and drawings (pictured left) for consideration by the architects, Jasmax.

“The process was larger than first realised,” explains Mr. Molloy.

“Careful investigations were placed around what ages use the sand pit, how the children use it, how much space they need and what other purposes it could be used for like jumping, balancing etc.”

“We know many children love to use the sandpit before, during and after school. It is a place where you can play with others or on your own which suits lots of social and play needs.”

Jasmax will use the drawings and design briefs submitted by the senior students as a basis for their professional drawings. These drawings will assist with obtaining quotes for the materials needed.

“Once we have received all the materials we need, we will then plan a working bee with parents to make the sandpit,” says Mr Molloy.

“We are very grateful for the support of local businesses and especially to Chris Jones’s team for their major contribution.”

“We’re not sure who is more excited with the project, the children or me! I loved sand pits as a child; I was obsessed with making roads. Secretly, I still find this enjoyable. We look forward to the build process later this term.”

Visit the Chris Jones Community page to find out more.

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