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Where to from here?

As another year comes to a close, Auckland and Northland’s residential housing sector has entered into a consolidation phase after its massive growth spurt. So, what opportunities does this unlock for property owners in the year 2018?

To LVR or not to LVR?

What the details are, no one knows yet, but calls to relax RBNZ’s lending restrictions have gained momentum and in light of current sales volumes, we ask whether it’s time that loan-to-value (LVR) restrictions were reviewed.

Home improvements

As Winston holds the nation’s hopes in his hands, the end of election-induced uncertainty is near and savvy sellers are maximising the daylight hours in preparation for the traditional spring peak in sales activity.

What's your number?

If properties across the country are as individual as the people who live in them, then why do so many use council valuations as a guide to sale and without them just how do we determine value as the market shifts?

Election 2017 and you

Tired from 24-months of over achievement and weary of the regulations which have threatened to hamper growth, New Zealand’s residential property market is bracing for the latest challenge

The next big thing

Although market activity has slowed in some locations and price brackets, savvy purchasers are active and finding good buys, the data shows.

The science of bidding

There's a very good reason sale by auction is Bayleys' most successful strategy for residential property, because it works, and like all good things it comes with hard work and science-like precision.

The bigger picture

Global economies hold hidden potential when it comes time for the hammer to fall. Amidst growing feelings of nationalism abroad – think Brexit, ‘buy American, hire American’ and ‘Australia first’, New Zealand is fortunate to be in a position where we can appreciate the positive outcomes of our diversity.

What buyers want

‘Sustainability’, ‘green’, ‘eco-friendly’ – we’ve certainly come a long way since the days that these words conjured visions of protest placards. Now, not only is your street credibility directly related to your environmental awareness – but so too is the value of your home.

Converting your home to a B & B

New Zealand’s tourism sector has grown substantially over the past two decades – with a greater number of ‘free independent travellers’ now spending time touring around the country.

Gazing into the future

Welcome to the year of the rooster, 365 days which promise to be just like it's namesake - brash, bold and above all things interesting, says Bayleys Real Estate General Manager Johnny Sinclair.

Back to the Future

Emerging from six months of global unrest following Brexit, the Unites States Presidential election and a little closer to home - the delayed appearance of warmer spring weather - this year the New Zealand Property sector has impressed showing strength and resilience.

Is the spring rush coming to Auckland?

The spring residential property buying rush has been delayed this year... And so has spring. For weeks on end Auckland has been subdued, and it’s only now that the city is starting to feel itself again.

Global Expo unlocks golden opportunities

Making waves on the global stage is now a regular occurrence for our little slice of paradise in the southern hemisphere - New Zealand. From our first ranked (per capita) Paralympic medal haul, to our premium meat, dairy, produce and honey - the world is taking notice of New Zealand for all the right reasons.

Big Call bidding debunked

The roar of the auction room, palpable excitement and nervous anticipation have long made a sale by auction, the New Zealand seller’s preferred method of choice. Yet, the interactive process can still intimidate even the most seasoned investor.

Timing is everything

With decades of success behind us, it’s fair to say Bayleys tried-and-true marketing techniques are the secret to staying ahead.

When is the right time to buy?

New statistics show the residential property market in Auckland is holding steady from a value perspective. Preview examines the latest figures to assess if it’s a ‘buyer’s’ or ‘sellers’ market…

Auckland showcased as world’s top luxury spot

A surge in property sales has led to Auckland becoming the top spot for luxury real estate according to a new report. However, as house prices soar, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand looks at new ways to stabilise the market.

International ranking brings top price tag

New Zealand home owners wanting to live in an ‘international’ city should brace themselves to pay ‘international’ prices for property, according to new real estate data.

Clash of the investments

Property assets have come out tops for delivering the best investment returns for New Zealanders over the past decade, according to new research.

Hot spot hit list

Infrastructure and social amenities are the keys to picking Auckland’s next round of ‘up and coming’ suburbs, according to the latest research from Bayleys.

New year, new property perspectives

New Zealanders are back behind desks – with one eye on the next long weekend, and the other on what 2016 will bring for them over the course of the year.