Global Expo unlocks golden opportunities

Global Expo unlocks golden opportunities

Making waves on the global stage is now a regular occurrence for our little slice of paradise in the southern hemisphere - New Zealand. From our first ranked (per capita) Paralympic medal haul, to our premium meat, dairy, produce and honey - the world is taking notice of New Zealand for all the right reasons.

It’s little wonder that with such global unrest in economic and political sectors, google searches earlier this year reported a surge in curious ‘would be’ Kiwis, both in the United Kingdom and the United States, typing the phrase ‘move to New Zealand’ into their keyboards.

It pays then, to look at the bigger picture when addressing the issues of foreign investment and affordability.

The numbers speak for themselves, Statistics New Zealand reports that a quarter of immigration into New Zealand in the past year has been New Zealander’s returning home, that’s approximately 30,000 of our own back in the country, and searching for their own patch.

Match this with the sharp decline in outflow – a number which has halved since 2012, and we have deflated the myth of foreign investors as the largest contributor to our ‘housing crisis’.


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