International ranking brings top price tag  

International ranking brings top price tag  

New Zealand home owners wanting to live in an ‘international’ city should brace themselves to pay ‘international’ prices for property, according to new real estate data.

A world-wide comparison has found Auckland is now matched with the likes of Sydney, Vancouver, San Francisco and Stockholm when it comes to the most preferred places to live – and its house prices are growing correspondingly.

Market analysis compiled by Bayleys Research and global surveys have shown New Zealand as a country and Auckland as a city have fast become part of a select group deemed the most liveable places in the world.

Last year, Auckland was ranked ninth most liveable city in the world and ninth for the world’s friendliest city, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit 2015 ‘Worlds Most Liveable City 2015’.

At a national level New Zealand was also voted third most creative country in the Martin Prosperity Institute 2015 ‘Global Creativity Index 2015’ and seventh most reputable in the Reputation Institute ‘Worlds Most Reputable Countries 2015’.

New Zealand was voted the second least corrupt country in the world by Transparency International in its latest survey and in the 2015 Global Peace Index, New Zealand came in at number four in the Institute for Economics and Peace ‘Global Peace Index 2015’.


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