The bigger picture

Global economies hold hidden potential when it comes time for the hammer to fall.

Amidst growing feelings of nationalism abroad – think Brexit, ‘buy American, hire American’ and ‘Australia first’, New Zealand is fortunate to be in a position where we can appreciate the positive outcomes of our diversity.

Boasting a strong economic position, thanks in-part to a booming tourism sector, high rates of employment, and a balanced approach to immigration, New Zealand has earnt the right to be a little more choosey when it comes to our new arrivals.

Recently Prime Minister Bill English announced a review of the current immigration scheme. With a focus on stricter criteria for skilled migrant visa’s, it seems these subtle changes have been crafted to bring a better calibre of migrant to our desirable shores.

The numbers speak for themselves – in the year to February 2017, net migration rose to a record 71,333 with 57,159 of those freshly minted passports bound for the Auckland region.

Of this number, Statistics New Zealand reports that approximately a quarter are expatriate New Zealander’s returning home. Not only is our country experiencing an unprecedented migration boom, but we are also retaining our citizens and welcoming those previously positioned overseas back by the truckload. This is excellent news for our regions who will welcome their intrepid travelers back with open arms, well aware of the potential cash injection new life brings to our smaller cities.

This also presents a unique, and valuable opportunity for the promotion of your property.

Bayleys understands that homes in New Zealand are a hot commodity, one glance at our national newspaper on any given day will yield reports about market progress, the latest lending advice and tips to buy – indicating that this is an issue potentially hotter than ever before. It pays then, to look at the bigger picture when taking your property to market.


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