Timing is everything  

Timing is everything

With decades of success behind us, it’s fair to say Bayleys tried-and-true marketing techniques are the secret to staying ahead.

Evolving with the times, the technology and platforms available to Bayleys clients are comprehensive and far-reaching, from social media promotion to advertising X-factor.

These are just some of the reasons Bayleys is again the agency of choice to sell the properties from The Block NZ. Previously our premium marketing, excellent reputation and expert auction team have been the driving force which have resulted in all 16 of The Block NZ homes selling since the series’ first season in 2012. Now in its fifth season, the teams are once again fighting to win the coveted title, however once the paint has dried, the eyes of the nation will be fixed firmly on the potential price-tags.

With Auckland’s ever increasing population resulting in fever-pitch demand for residential housing, it’s the recent announcements of further lending restrictions that have us thinking that timing certainly is everything. Which is why this September, Bayleys is putting together New Zealand’s most exciting residential property event, bringing together buyers and sellers for one intense week of auction action.


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