Property Insight

Why buying in Auckland is a safe bet

Property prices in Auckland appear to be at turning point. What happens next is the $500 billion question. Scan the headlines and you’d think there were two Aucklands. One, a congested, overpriced nightmare, where properties are over-valued and the market is at risk of crashing. The other, one of the world’s most liveable cities, where economic strength, jobs growth and a positive urban environment point to an even brighter future.

Downsizing the family home. Upsizing the fun factor.

Empty-nester baby boomers entering the over-65 ‘retirement’ phase of their lives with the kids off their hands are selling up their Auckland family homes in droves - downsizing into an apartment or cheaper residence in provincial New Zealand, and spending up large with the ensuing proceeds.

How to get the most out of Residential Property Investment

Much talk is often made in the media about ‘investors’ in New Zealand’s residential property markets reaping huge benefits – yet the focus of that headline-grabbing chatter is usually about just one potential aspect of a far bigger picture of opportunities… capital growth.

What Labour’s big plans for housing mean for you

The newly elected Government has big plans to crack down on property speculators and overseas buyers, and to build more affordable homes writes Bayleys head of research, Ian Little. Buyer behaviour will change along with the types of development built over the next few years. Many purchasers will be faced with buying new versus buying existing properties and that will require a lot more understanding of how our property market is forecast to evolve.