Residential Research Reports

Christchurch Residential Report – Winter 2019

The Christchurch residential property market has been shaped by a unique set of circumstances since 2010.

Ponsonby and Surrounds Residential Report - Winter 2019

Residential values in the Ponsonby and Surrounds are holding strong despite a marginal easing across the broader market.

Auckland Region Residential Report - 2019

Auckland’s residential property market remains in a period of consolidation as opposing forces have held values stable, albeit that sales activity has slowed.

Auckland Central Apartment - Winter 2019

The Auckland central apartment sector has softened over the last couple of years in line with the wider Auckland residential market.

Eastern Suburbs Residential – Autumn 2019

Auckland’s residential property market remains in a period of consolidation with values generally softening slightly.

North Shore Residential – Autumn 2019

Residential median values on the North Shore continue to hold at elevated levels as we continue through the current consolidation phase. Strong market fundamentals combined with the North Shore’s attractive amenity keep prices at elevated levels.

Wellington Central Residential – Autumn 2019

Residential prices in the Wellington Central market remain on an upward trajectory. Tight market conditions coupled with limited supply have put continued pressure on values.

Upper Hutt Residential – Autumn 2019

Positive price momentum continues in the Upper Hutt Residential property market with values reaching new highs, year on year.

Kapiti Coast Residential – Autumn 2019

The Kapiti Coast residential market continues to witness strong momentum in residential value growth. The March 2019 quarter recorded a historically high median sale price of $572,500, showing no signs of a slowing market.

Gisborne Residential Marketbeat – Autumn 2019

The Gisborne residential market is currently amongst the best performing markets in New Zealand in terms of value growth. Over the three month period to February 2019, the growth in median value is up 19% to $357,000, when compared with the same period a year prior.

Ponsonby & Surrounds Residential Summer 2019

The market remains in a consolidation phase and is likely to do so for much of 2019. We consider this to be a healthy period where prices form a solid base for the next inevitable growth cycle. As in previous cycles the attractive fundamentals of the Ponsonby and Surrounds market will ensure the long term price trend will remain positive.

Eastern Suburbs Residential Market Report

Residential values in the Eastern suburbs have held at elevated levels over the 2018 year. In combination with the aspirational nature of Eastern Suburbs property, a number of supporting market fundamentals continue to underpin values.

Waiheke Residential Market Report

Waiheke’s residential values generally follow the broader Auckland market, each witnessing rapid price growth between 2012 and 2017. Subsequently both markets have moved into a period of consolidation, although Waiheke’s median price was signifi cantly higher than that of the wider Auckland market.