Property management

At Bayleys we take a proactive approach in ensuring our owners are able to maximise the returns from their residential real estate investments.

我们 Bayleys 的理念是,确保业主在住宅地产投资中能得到最大化的回报。我们寻求透彻的了解,不仅仅是那些托管给我们的物业,而是每位业主的投资策略,以满足您的利益。

We seek to serve your interests by having a thorough understanding not only of each property in our care, but also the investment strategy of each owner.

Whether you are an experienced investor or a first-time owner, we focus on implementing management techniques which we know will create value. Every owner has a unique set of investment imperatives (whether it be portfolio diversification, secure cash flow, capital gain or tax management) so our services are flexible and tailored to meet those specific requirements.


Our team members are highly experienced, well qualified and focus on delivering results consistent with overarching investment strategies.


Bayleys recognise that you need a partnership approach where we work with you to gain an understanding of your property or portfolio, what is important to you, and how to maximise the return on your assets.

Bayleys 认识到,您需要的是一种合作伙伴关系,在合作中我们去了解您的物业,您的投资组合,什么是您所看重的,以及如何最大限度地提高资产收益率。

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Earn 2 Airpoints Dollars per week when you appoint Bayleys to manage your Auckland rental property.

(up to 104 Airpoints Dollars per annum*).

Please contact Lisa Sargison (General Manager of Residential Property Management) on 09 375 7478 or email her on to find out more.