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Everything you need to know about selling

Proudly 100 percent Kiwi-owned and operated, Bayleys’ business values are innately New Zealand – built on honest and transparent communication. As part of our commitment to keep doing things better, we aim to remove the stress from the sale process for you.

A guide to selling your home

There’s a lot to consider when listing your property for sale, which is why it helps to get your chosen Bayleys sales expert behind you early in the process. They can support you with the latest market knowledge and insights, in addition to marketing techniques, choosing a sale method and managing buyers throughout the process.

The best time to sell will be unique to your situation and lifestyle. You may have a growing family, a new job or are seeking a lifestyle change. Whatever the reason, Bayleys is here to support you through the sales process.

Many factors, including migration, mortgage lending rates, economic outlook and the season, come into play when considering if it is a good time to buy/sell.

With so much information to consider, Bayleys has many valuable resources, including the latest market research, data and insights as to what’s happening in the residential property market, which can help you to make an informed decision.

  • For the latest research information in your area, contact your local office
  • Bayleys News is a selection of up-to-date media coverage of the property market from around the country
  • Talk to a salesperson at your local Bayleys office about selling your home

Choosing the right salesperson to suit your needs will help smooth the process and instil confidence at every step of the way. Key considerations include:

  • Selecting a qualified professional with local expertise in your area
  • Can they demonstrate expert market knowledge?
  • Do they have a track record of success?
  • Do they have a strategy for selling your home?
  • Are they backed by a network/agency with a premium brand presence and in-house support?

With more than 100 branches located across the country, Bayleys residential salespeople are expertly positioned to deliver confidence and great results.

We invite you to contact your local Bayleys office to find a suitable salesperson and learn more about the advantage they offer for the sale of your home.

Property is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. That said, various resources, including the knowledge of your Bayleys salesperson, can help you to determine current market value. Key considerations should include the following:

  • Location
  • Size
  • Presentation/condition
  • Recent comparable local property sales
  • Demographic factors. E.g., future development, proximity to amenities, population growth, and economic factors
  • To discuss the value of your property, we invite you to contact your local Bayleys office for an obligation-free appraisal.

One of the greatest benefits of engaging a qualified Bayleys local sales expert is their unique market knowledge of buyers in the area. This experience enables us to know what features add the most value and helps you save money on unnecessary renovations for sale.

Bayleys has various resources that can help sellers maximise the value of their properties.

Bayleys prides itself on finding the buyers others can’t, which helps us to deliver premium prices for our sellers time and time again. We do this in several critical ways:

• Bayleys exposes our listings to the widest possible buyer pool to ensure maximum attention is focused on your asset. • Bayleys salespeople retain the ‘big picture’ view of the market, going further to find the right buyer, not just the first. • Bayleys offers a unique suite of marketing tools other agencies don’t, including premium magazine and digital portfolios, homepage carousels on broad-reaching news sites, and the country’s largest full-service network of real estate professionals. • Bayleys retains a premium partnership with global property consultancy Knight Frank, which leverages international exposure for each of our listings. Contact your local Bayleys branch to learn more about our exclusive marketing opportunities.

Methods of sale

Your preferred sales strategy will suit one of the various sales methods used to list a property for sale. We recommend discussing your requirements with a local salesperson to gain an in-depth view of each method’s advantages.

Auctions are a public process where a property is sold to the highest bidder at a level pre-determined by you, the seller.

  • Auctions are the most transparent sales process, putting all qualified purchasers together in one room, increasing competition to aid determination of fair market value
  • A sale under the auction hammer is cash unconditional, providing sellers with certainty to plan their next move
  • The deadline timeframe of the auction process creates urgency and a window for buyers to complete due diligence

Usually set over a specific four-or-five week timeframe, the tender process leverages the timeframe element to invite buyers to submit a formal offer. After this, you can negotiate the terms of the sale with your preferred purchaser.

Expressions of interest invite all offers from interested parties, allowing flexibility and the option to choose who you want to negotiate with.

Properties offered for sale by negotiation leave value to be determined by the market. This is where the advice and experience of your qualified Bayleys salesperson can assist in determining where you see value for the property and are comfortable accepting an offer. Sales by negotiation are generally open-ended, with the absence of time pressure on both buyers and sellers.