Marketing 101 – ‘Bayleys Reach’

In order to get the best price for your property you need to ensure it is exposed to as many potential buyers as possible.

At Bayleys we are passionate about harnessing the power of marketing to achieve the best possible outcome for our vendors and we go further to find the right buyer for your property, not necessarily the first buyer.

‘Bayleys Reach’ is about finding buyers other real estate agencies can’t. We do this through our unique suite of tools enabling us to reach more people, therefore creating more competition, and greatly increasing the chances of an outstanding result for you.

Country magazine

Country magazine is a pivotal asset of Bayleys unmatched service. Since 1999 it has been the ‘go to guide’ for those serious about purchasing rural property in New Zealand. Published twice a year, Country magazine holds a unique position in the market – as much for its quality, as for its variety and geographic spread of properties.

Bayleys ‘Property Picks’

Bayleys is the only real estate agency that can guarantee to put your property in a prime position on the New Zealand Herald’s website homepage.

Stuff Carousel

Bayleys offers an exclusive opportunity to profile your property to over 1 million eyeballs on the homepage of


Through our partnership with Knight Frank, Bayleys reaps the benefits of a globally-connected network spanning 60 markets.


A compilation of qualified buyers who are contacted through regular mail-outs and e-newsletters.


The internet is a vital part of the property marketing mix. Not only is it extremely cost effective, but also because it makes things easier for prospective purchasers, and it often delivers results very quickly. As part of the ‘Bayleys Reach’ programme, we will profile your property on five key property websites.

Public Relations

Bayleys’ communications team has the highest rate of cut through for editorial and media opportunities. Exposure through PR has been found to increase sales value as much as 20 percent.


Print media is still an integral part of a multi-channel marketing campaign, especially for passive audiences who may not be specifically looking for property but scan print media for potential opportunities.

Local Presence

Clear and concise communication in the local area allows for local community and passers-by to know the property is for sale through signage, mail drops, and market insight flyers.


The Bayleys network is a key way to ensure that your property is presented to all salespeople in the local and national networks. Bayleys’ national network encompasses over 80 offices nationwide and over 1000 salespeople.

The innovative and multi-channel approach of ‘Bayleys Reach’ to campaign planning is one of our competitive edges.