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New retail trends get consumer buy in

A positive sentiment is surrounding the New Zealand retail scene with consumers and property owners feeling confident about the year ahead.

How your retail business could evolve

Looking into the retail crystal ball gives insights to how your business could evolve for success.

How to leverage digital trends to help meet customer retail expectations

We’ve all had to accept that the retail environment is forever changed with the far-reaching impact that the online market – and the digital space in general – has had on the sector.

How to see your retail or hospo’
space through new eyes…

Operators can no longer “accidentally” run their businesses – consumers are too savvy for that. In a changing world where traditional business models are being challenged, creative thinking is more important than ever. You can’t just throw open the doors and expect people to descend with their open wallets.

What to look out for when committing to
new retail space off-the-plans

New mixed-use developments and dedicated retail new-builds are providing fresh options for business owners around the country and we have a few hot tips for those looking to secure space off-the-plans

How being part of a shopping mall could work in your business's favour

Traditional “old school” shopping malls, arcades and smaller-scale shopping centres have been under the spotlight lately with reports claiming that globally, they’re falling out of favour with customers.