Commercial property with a twist

Vertical warehouse take industrial sector to a new level

Total Property - Issue 2 2018

Unprecedented demand for industrial property is forcing the sector to come up with creative solutions.

The Amazon effect: Why your next store could be a warehouse

Total Property - Issue 8 2017

The arrival of the online retail giant in the region is set to trigger a new industrial revolution, writes Owen Vaughan.

Game on

Total Property - Issue 7 2017

It’s the billion-dollar industry where property needs can change from a garage to an office suite in just a few short weeks.

Lights, camera … real estate action

Total Property - Issue 6 2017

Can New Zealand's movie-going habit be saved? Cinemas are luring a new generation of movie-goers with upgraded screens, seats and snacks. Total Property looks at what that means for their property footprint.

Fast food can be good for you

Total Property - Issue 5 2017

It’s the commercial property industry’s version of a value deal.

Sitting pretty

Total Property - Issue 4 2017

The 'selfie' generation is demand for bricks and mortar.

Hot shots

Total Property - Issue 3 2017

New Zealand has one of the most competitive coffee markets in the world and, with more than 200 roasters grinding daily, their commercial property estate needs are an opportunity for savvy investors, landlords and sellers.

Let's get physical

Total Property - Issue 2 2017

The fitness industry in New Zealand is pumped, and giving the real estate market a work-out. Total Property looks at how new exercise trends are affecting property needs.

Church afterlife

Total Property - Issue 1 2017

The commercial property sector is providing New Zealand’s failing churches with an afterlife - as developers seek to convert them into bars and restaurants.

What ever happened to New Zealand’s great rock venues?

Total Property - Issue 7 2016

Total Property remember some of the New Zealand’s most famous music spots and the great moments in rock and pop history that defined both them and a generation of music fans…

The game changer

Total Property - Issue 6 2016

The technology driving gaming phenomenon Pokémon GO has the power to revolutionise the commercial property industry, allowing potential buyers to walk through buildings that are yet to be completed or undertake due diligence on their smartphone.

Now you see them, now you don’t

Total Property - Issue 5 2016

The pop-up revolution offers commercial landlords a life-line as online shopping lays waste to high-street retailers.

Cutting their teeth in the property market

Total Property - Issue 4 2016

Once relegated to the outer fringes of cities and farmland areas far away from neighbours, commercial pet care facilities have moved into urban areas and are a growing business phenomenon.

Good things come in small packages

Total Property - Issue 3 2016

Bigger is not always best when it comes to retail. In New Zealand, innovative business owners are opting for functional premises which give them a novel edge.

Up on the roof

Total Property - Issue 2 2016

Roofs on new commercial buildings in France must be partially covered in plants or solar panels but New Zealand is a bit behind the eight ball when it comes to these ‘living roofs.’ However, encouraging signs are emerging.

Cheers to New Zealand’s beer success

Total Property - Issue 1 2016

Craft beer is this country’s fastest growing category of beer according to an ANZ research report that says the number of New Zealand craft beer brewers has doubled in the last five years.