Total Property practical information

Vacant possession units: The new one to watch

Total Property - Issue 2 2018

Why vacant possession units are the rising stars of the commercial property market, writes Scott Campbell, Bayleys National Director Industrial and Logistics.

How auctions can help you anticipate changes in the market

Total Property - Issue 1 2018

In a changing environment, auctions are an important barometer of where the market is heading. Total Property gets the view from the rostrum.


Total Property - Issue 8 2017

New health and safety regulations governing asbestos could become the commercial property industry’s next big challenge, write Tim Clarke and Jane Holland.

The rise of the mortgage adviser

Total Property - Issue 8 2017

First-time commercial property buyers will increasingly need help on how to structure loans as rules and regulations for borrowing become more complicated, writes Owen Vaughan.

Do your homework

Total Property - Issue 7 2017

The acquisition of commercial property requires intensive due diligence to uncover key information.

Taxing matters

Total Property - Issue 6 2017

Tax can be a complicated subject. Tax related to commercial property even more so. But claiming the correct level of tax depreciation on assets has become an essential tool for the viable economic future of any business, writes John Freeman.

Shake up

Total Property - Issue 5 2017

New Zealand’s commercial property sector needs to prepare itself for new legislation governing earthquake-prone buildings, writes Peter Liu, director of structural engineering firm EQ Struc Group.

What’s it worth to you

Total Property - Issue 4 2017

Specialists in commercial property valuation play an important role in the purchase and financing of investment property.

Get in on the Act

Total Property - Issue 3 2017

Few pieces of legislation in New Zealand have been subjected to the level of sustained criticism directed at the Resource Management Act. Now in its 26th year on the statute books, the act has been frequently identified as an impediment to the efficient operation of business in New Zealand.

Money Matters

Total Property - Issue 2 2017

How to maximise your chances of getting credit for your commercial property purchase - and avoid the common mistakes that can hold up funding approval, writes Alistair Law.

How to demolish a building

Total Property - Issue 1 2017

It is one of New Zealand’s biggest building projects in recent years and it turned downtown Auckland into a giant demolition site, as wrecking crews erased 15,000m2 of retail space in less than six months.

Syndications: Legal expert Alistair Law on what you need to know

Total Property - Issue 7 2016

There have been a number of changes to the regulation of property syndications that have taken effect this year. As a large number of first-time investors are taking part in property syndications, it is important that they understand the unique features of these products.

Law & Order: Why due diligence matters

Total Property - Issue 6 2016

‘Legal due diligence’ are the three words commercial property investors should keep at the forefront of their minds, writes Alistair Law.

Brex and the city… Should you be worried?

Total Property - Issue 5 2016

Commercial property funds in the UK have stopped investors withdrawing their money in the wake of the Brexit vote. The markets are jittery about the prospect of a crash in one of the world's biggest real estate markets.

Preparing a business for sale

Total Property - Issue 4 2016

The value of a business can be enhanced through several easy steps.


Total Property - Issue 3 2016

The National Australian-Built Environment Rating System New Zealand (NABERSNZ) is a low-cost tool that rates the energy performance of commercial office buildings by giving one to six stars.


Total Property - Issue 2 2016

For a prospective investor, it’s important to consider New Zealand’s foreign investment regime as some acquisitions may require Overseas Investment Office (OIO) approval.

Health & Safety at Work

Total Property - Issue 1 2016

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) represents the most significant reform to New Zealand workplace health and safety systems in 20 years.