Total Property Research and Insights

Industrial strength

Total Property - Issue 7 2017

New Zealand's industrial property market is surging ahead, with demand outpacing supply in key centres.

The future of real estate

Total Property - Issue 6 2017

Smart buildings, asset class disruptors and Facebook as a mortgage broker … Total Property examines the future of commercial property.

Alternative investments

Total Property - Issue 5 2017

Investor strategies need to reflect the way in which the world is transforming, and with a realisation that the “alternatives” asset class is intrinsically linked to social and demographic trends, this is affording investors a rich opportunity and making the case to expand into the sector more and more compelling, according to research by global property analysts Cushman and Wakefield.

Rise of the Instagram office

Total Property - Issue 4 2017

Over the next 5 years millennials will be the fastest growing age demographic in New Zealand, contributing about 70,000 people to Auckland’s workforce. Their ascendancy will have a huge impact on the way companies approach office layout.

What occupiers want

Total Property - Issue 3 2017

Executives charged with making corporate real estate decisions are focused on strategies to attract and retain staff and help enhance their productivity.

Auckland's Space Race

Total Property - Issue 2 2017

The vacancy rate in Auckland’s office market has fallen to historic lows but developers are not standing still

Construction concerns

Total Property - Issue 1 2017

A shortage of skilled labour, the rising cost of building materials and access to funding are fuelling concerns within the construction industry that it doesn’t have the capacity to meet demand for new building work.

Wellington’s commercial property sector

Total Property - Issue 7 2016

Wellington’s commercial property sector has got its mojo back, with the capital looking ahead to more than 55,000m2 of new and refurbished office space.

Dizzying heights

Total Property - Issue 6 2016

In Queenstown, the tourism boom has made the commercial property sector a rich adventure. the accommodation sector is witnessing significant expansion, and demand for office and retail space is strong.

Park to the Future

Total Property - Issue 5 2016

Commercial developers and landlords who plug themselves into the electric car market now will gain a definite financial advantage over those late to the game – as well as help reduce harmful emissions.

Global Trends

Total Property - Issue 3 2016

PwC’s Emerging Trends in Real Estate for North America is based on extensive research among the commercial and industrial property sectors.

All roads lead to growth

Total Property - Issue 2 2016

Major roadworks throughout New Zealand are aimed at facilitating economic growth so Total Property checked with the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) to get an update on Roads of National Significance (RoNs) across the country.