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The business of new

With a government mandate to provide more housing at a rapid pace, and a building and construction boom well underway, new-build properties are proving more popular with Kiwi purchasers. Bayleys investigates the allure of new homes, and what to look for when purchasing one.

Does your new CV matter?

New council valuations for residential properties are due later this year, but against a period of rapidly rising property values, Bayleys asks whether buyers still look to CVs for a price indication?

Waterside connection

Property prices across the Auckland region continue their upward trajectory and a new wave of features such as subdivision potential are adding value, making a push for the top of buyer’s wish lists. In light of these modern demands, Bayleys asks whether Kiwis still covet a place by the water?

Housing health check

Where sky-high property prices have captured the attention of Kiwis, the Government and regulators, recent intervention is set to bring change. Bayleys National Director – Residential, Johnny Sinclair explains what’s next for our housing market.

Macro View – supply and demand

With a population feeling the effects of historical growing pains and a critical undersupply of the houses to accommodate them, Bayleys asks independent economist Cameron Bagrie for his thoughts on the supply-demand story that’s polarised the housing debate.

Reaching the peak

Property prices continue their upward trajectory despite a swathe of targeted policy aimed at slowing the rate of value growth. But with a host of factors coming into play, Bayleys asks, how far can property prices keep rising?

Auckland’s best entry-level suburbs

Record-breaking property prices demanding higher deposit requirements and tighter monetary policy settings have caused Kiwis to rent for longer, entering the property market later in life. So, in a city where the average value exceeds $1 million – Bayleys asks where first home buyers can find value?

Key investment trends

With a higher proportion of lifestyle sales across the Auckland region Bayleys investigates the key investment trends attracting a new generation of buyers to the sector.

Does our property valuation system need to change?

With Auckland properties having three-yearly rating valuations deferred thanks to obstacles presented by the global pandemic, Auckland Council chief economist David Norman asks whether the current rating valuation system is ready for an overhaul?

Are we trading in the urban dream?

Latest sales data suggests more Kiwis want their cake, and to eat it too by purchasing sprawling, well-located lifestyle properties in greater numbers, says Bayleys regional general manager Raymond Mountfort.

Understanding the auction process

With the highest ever number of properties sold by auction across New Zealand in March, it’s more important to understand the process than ever before.

A measured approach

Rising house prices across the country continue to create headaches for policy-makers who look for ways to dampen demand. Bayleys investigates the latest suite of housing measures and how they are poised to impact homeowners.

Macro View - Where the rubber hits the road

Independent economist Cameron Bagrie explains how some of the most important economic developments are poised to impact the residential property market.

If I sell, what’s next?

Some sellers are intimidated by current market conditions, understanding that heightened competition and a lack of choice spell difficulty when searching for their next home. Bayleys asks what solutions exist for the forgotten majority?

What to consider when you’re considering

Amidst the latest COVID-19-induced uncertainty, Bayleys investigates the macroeconomic factors worth when deciding to buy or sell in today’s residential property market.

Great expectations

Closing a year characterised by disruption for economies and global chaos, 2021 offers the chance to repair and recover, sorting through the rubble of a COVID-affected world. But closer to home, how is the new year shaping up for our residential property market?

How will the return of LVRs affect you?

With New Zealand’s residential property market running on high, measures of control have been reintroduced in an attempt to curb insatiable demand, but will they work, Bayleys asks?

The new checklist

Continually evolving with the availability of new technology, building materials and lifestyle opportunities, residential property preferences have experienced a palpable shift over the last decade. Johnny Sinclair Bayleys’ national director residential investigates the home assets appearing atop buyers’ wish-lists in 2021.

An economy in recovery

Now with vaccinations on the global horizon, Bayleys asks its panel of property experts how they expect the first year of this new decade to play out?

Macro View - The road less travelled

As New Zealanders settle in for a domestic summer, independent economist Cameron Bagrie takes a look at how far we’ve come in this COVID ravaged world, and what the events of 2020 mean when looking to the new year.

Should I stay or should I go?

Showing strength and stability, sale results from NZ’s residential property market have been hard to ignore, but in a global pandemic and local recession are market dynamics working in your favour? Bayleys analyses the factors affecting sale decisions.

Falling short

Despite a population that’s almost doubled in size, the 1970s remains New Zealand’s most efficient period for residential construction activity. Nick Goodall, head of research at CoreLogic discusses how national housing supply, or a lack thereof, continues to impact residential property prices.

Lure of the lifestyle

In a world full of choice, where more agile working environments offer greater flexibility to workers, residential choices are increasingly dictated by social and lifestyle factors. Vanessa Taylor, spokesperson for discusses the trends driving residential sale decisions in the wake of COVID-19.

Will urban development initiatives transform the housing market?

Tasked with building better cities, the recently released National Policy Statement on Urban Development 2020 sets new guidelines for New Zealand’s growth. Leonie Freeman, Property Council of New Zealand chief executive explains how this is poised to impact residential property owners.

Macro View - Curious COVID effects

With New Zealand’s economy at the mercy of a second wave of COVID-19 infections, independent economist Tony Alexander discusses the macro-economic trends playing a pivotal role in residential decision-making.

How could recent tenancy reforms affect you?

Whether you’re renting or aspiring to property investment, controversial policy changes to the Residential Tenancies Act are poised to have an impact. Bindi Norwell, chief executive of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand talks to Bayleys about the changes and their effect on the residential property market.

The housing premium

With residential property choices informed by emerging technologies, local economic performance, and lifestyle trends that seemingly interchange like the seasons, Bayleys property reporter asks which property features consistently net premium prices?

Where to from here?

With New Zealand’s building and construction industries badly impacted by more than 33 days of zero activity over the lockdown period, independent economist Cameron Bagrie investigates whether expected lower building activity will have an impact on residential property prices.

Macro View - What’s driving you?

As New Zealand continues to navigate the muddy economic waters of uncertainty arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, push/pull mechanisms at play continue to drive residential sale decisions – and they’re not all negative, say Bayleys national director of residential Johnny Sinclair and independent economist Tony Alexander.

How a negative interest rate would impact you

Could your bank pay you to take out a loan? No, we haven’t fallen down Alice’s rabbit hole, this is the world where the central bank implements a negative Official Cash Rate. Bayleys’ property reporter Katharina Charles speaks to Brad Olsen of Infometrics to understand just how this is poised to impact residential property owners.

Congestion pricing and the housing market

The average Kiwi spends more than 150 hours idling in traffic every year, but just how could the solution to our gridlocked roads affect the housing market? Bayleys’ property reporter Katharina Charles speaks to The New Zealand Initiative’s chief economist Dr. Eric Crampton to find out.

Relaunching your property after COVID-19

More than 25,000 residential property listings were put on pause as New Zealand entered lockdown, many of which have relaunched as we scale down the COVID-19 alert levels. Bayleys property reporter Katharina Charles asks the experts how to draw fresh attention to a stale listing.

What’s your resale value?

Identifying key growth areas and capitalising on resale

Surface matters

The most popular exterior aesthetics that add value to your home

Value Indicators

Auckland’s top growing suburbs in 2020

Southern Hospitality

How Auckland’s growing tourism industry is shaping our property market

Macro View – The Big Picture

The factors influencing buyer behaviour

Seven Property Predictions for 2020

Property predictions for the coming year

A view of 2019

How property lessons from the last year may hold clues for the new decade.

Spring rush

Does selling your home in spring really offer the best results?

Is buying becoming harder?

How the Reserve Bank’s Capital Review could impact the residential property market

Eyes on the prize

Global friction and domestic headwinds make for subdued economic progress into 2020, but news is pretty good for borrowers, says economist Cameron Bagrie.

Lending support

How easier access to finance for new buyers is boosting demand for residential property.

Rooms for improvement

In a quieter housing market capital gains can seem hard to come by. How do the experts find property with the most potential for future profits?

Doors open for investors

Why things are looking up for those seeking to buy a rental property.

House price hotspots

In a market where overall values have been steady for months, there are still pockets to be found where property prices are on the rise.

Winter wonders

How savvy vendors take advantage of the colder months for a great sale.

Parents lend a hand

The growing attraction of the Bank of Mum and Dad for first-home buyers.

The space race

How to make your home more liveable, ease your move and boost your finances by ditching clutter.

The new world of flatting

Once the preserve of the young and newly-independent, people of all life-stages are turning to house sharing to navigate the challenges of home ownership.


Careful planning is the key to a smooth and successful relocation to your new home.

Keep calm and carry on

Expert advice on how to minimise the stress of buying or selling your home.

What’s it worth?

When it comes to selling your property, there’s power in having a clear idea of its market value.

The Art of Downsizing

How to release equity from your property and secure the home and lifestyle of your future.

Fixing to sell

A well-maintained home will always sell more quickly and for a better price than one with problems. That is why, before you put up a For Sale sign, you must get on top of your home maintenance.

How your spare rooms could earn you extra cash

Sitting on a piece of unused real estate in your home? You could put it to work, but make sure you understand what’s expected.

Savvy buyers opt for more rooms

Recent research figures show not all property is created equal... A recent review of buying behavior in Auckland and Northland shows a clear home buying strategy with three and four bedroom homes in hot demand.

House Price Predictions

Plenty of contrasting forces in today’s residential market has led to diverging views on the current state of play in Auckland and the north.

Where are the best spots to buy for retirement?

Selling up and buying the perfect home for retirement? Seven key things to consider when the decision to sell your home has been made and you’re looking for that perfect retirement spot.

Time to move them on?

Feedback from many baby-boomers across the country highlights an emerging trend – a number of their children faced with high rents and house prices are returning to the comfort of the family home, hampering them from selling up and downsizing into their new home.

Auckland's residential property market

The residential property market in and around Greater Auckland is delicately yet comfortably poised in a state of equilibrium at present.

Creating good fortune in 2018

Closing a year that was transitional, uncertain and full of surprises, in 2018, we expect relative stability and a swathe of opportunities for the discerning, informed and a number of previously hesitant property watchers.

Where to from here?

As another year comes to a close, Auckland and Northland’s residential housing sector has entered into a consolidation phase after its massive growth spurt. So, what opportunities does this unlock for property owners in the year 2018?

To LVR or not to LVR?

What the details are, no one knows yet, but calls to relax RBNZ’s lending restrictions have gained momentum and in light of current sales volumes, we ask whether it’s time that loan-to-value (LVR) restrictions were reviewed.

Home improvements

As Winston holds the nation’s hopes in his hands, the end of election-induced uncertainty is near and savvy sellers are maximising the daylight hours in preparation for the traditional spring peak in sales activity.

What's your number?

If properties across the country are as individual as the people who live in them, then why do so many use council valuations as a guide to sale and without them just how do we determine value as the market shifts?

Election 2017 and you

Tired from 24-months of over achievement and weary of the regulations which have threatened to hamper growth, New Zealand’s residential property market is bracing for the latest challenge

The next big thing

Although market activity has slowed in some locations and price brackets, savvy purchasers are active and finding good buys, the data shows.

The science of bidding

There's a very good reason sale by auction is Bayleys' most successful strategy for residential property, because it works, and like all good things it comes with hard work and science-like precision.

The bigger picture

Global economies hold hidden potential when it comes time for the hammer to fall. Amidst growing feelings of nationalism abroad – think Brexit, ‘buy American, hire American’ and ‘Australia first’, New Zealand is fortunate to be in a position where we can appreciate the positive outcomes of our diversity.

What buyers want

‘Sustainability’, ‘green’, ‘eco-friendly’ – we’ve certainly come a long way since the days that these words conjured visions of protest placards. Now, not only is your street credibility directly related to your environmental awareness – but so too is the value of your home.

Converting your home to a B & B

New Zealand’s tourism sector has grown substantially over the past two decades – with a greater number of ‘free independent travellers’ now spending time touring around the country.

Gazing into the future

Welcome to the year of the rooster, 365 days which promise to be just like it's namesake - brash, bold and above all things interesting, says Bayleys Real Estate General Manager Johnny Sinclair.

Back to the Future

Emerging from six months of global unrest following Brexit, the Unites States Presidential election and a little closer to home - the delayed appearance of warmer spring weather - this year the New Zealand Property sector has impressed showing strength and resilience.

Is the spring rush coming to Auckland?

The spring residential property buying rush has been delayed this year... And so has spring. For weeks on end Auckland has been subdued, and it’s only now that the city is starting to feel itself again.

Global Expo unlocks golden opportunities

Making waves on the global stage is now a regular occurrence for our little slice of paradise in the southern hemisphere - New Zealand. From our first ranked (per capita) Paralympic medal haul, to our premium meat, dairy, produce and honey - the world is taking notice of New Zealand for all the right reasons.

Big Call bidding debunked

The roar of the auction room, palpable excitement and nervous anticipation have long made a sale by auction, the New Zealand seller’s preferred method of choice. Yet, the interactive process can still intimidate even the most seasoned investor.

Timing is everything

With decades of success behind us, it’s fair to say Bayleys tried-and-true marketing techniques are the secret to staying ahead.

When is the right time to buy?

New statistics show the residential property market in Auckland is holding steady from a value perspective. Preview examines the latest figures to assess if it’s a ‘buyer’s’ or ‘sellers’ market…

Auckland showcased as world’s top luxury spot

A surge in property sales has led to Auckland becoming the top spot for luxury real estate according to a new report. However, as house prices soar, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand looks at new ways to stabilise the market.

International ranking brings top price tag

New Zealand home owners wanting to live in an ‘international’ city should brace themselves to pay ‘international’ prices for property, according to new real estate data.

Clash of the investments

Property assets have come out tops for delivering the best investment returns for New Zealanders over the past decade, according to new research.

Hot spot hit list

Infrastructure and social amenities are the keys to picking Auckland’s next round of ‘up and coming’ suburbs, according to the latest research from Bayleys.

New year, new property perspectives

New Zealanders are back behind desks – with one eye on the next long weekend, and the other on what 2016 will bring for them over the course of the year.