Waterfront Editorial and Insights

Who’s Buying Now?

Waterfront property purchasers are as individual and different as the properties on the market and each has a story to tell. Waterfront editor Jody Robb talks to an expat’, some young-at-heart retirees and a couple looking to secure a legacy for their children about the waterfront homes they’ve recently purchased.

Hook, Line and Thinker

Adventurer, thrill-seeker, conservationist and self-confessed mad fisherman, Matt Watson gives Waterfront an insight into how recreational fishing in New Zealand waters can continue to be fun, rewarding and most importantly – sustainable.

Coastal Towns with Attitude

Settlements near the coast have a gravitational pull with a relaxed, laid-back vibe that inherently seems to lower pulses, encourage fun and exploration and instil a sense of “on holiday” year round. Waterfront checks in with five coastal New Zealand towns to see what makes them enduring as places to live permanently or to visit for a break and divulging their best kept secrets…

Festival bites

As New Zealand’s reputation as an innovative food and wine nation continues to evolve, festivals celebrating the bounty of the sea are popular highlights on the “foodie” calendar around the country. Waterfront checks out six of the best.

Bula to Shared Ownership in Fiji

If owning a holiday home in the Pacific Islands is on the wish list but seems out of reach, then shared ownership could well be the way to get a slice of the Fijian property pie.

Sales Snapshot 2017

Yes, we do love to live by the seaside, lakefront and river’s edge. Waterfront property continues to resonate with a broad cross-section of buyers across the country.

The Way We Were

New Zealand and the South Pacific can lay claim to some of the most outstanding waterfront locations in the world.

Water World

Internationally, Kiwis have made their mark on the sporting scene in, on and under the water. We talk to three stars who call the ocean home including world-renowned New Zealand free diver William Trubridge, board sailor/windsurfer Barbara Kendall, and surf board shaper and surfing title-holder, Mike Thomson.

Pushing the Boat Out

New Zealanders typically have an abiding affinity with the sea. The ocean has influenced the commercial, cultural and recreational lives of Kiwis for generations, and our love of seafood – or kaimoana, ‘food of the sea’ – knows no bounds.

Gone Fishing

Fishing is part of the New Zealand consciousness… consistently ranking as one of our most popular pastimes. And it’s little wonder. From the bottom of the South Island to the top of the North, New Zealand offers some of the best fishing in the world.


Lifestyle Benefits Driving the Fiji Market

The recreational, climatic, and cultural fundamentals which make Fiji an enduring holiday destination continue to underpin the waterfront property market in the tropical Pacific Islands.