Development Revival Underway in Fiji

There is new energy in the Fiji property market with developers returning after a decade-long hiatus. It’s good news for sunseekers looking for an island investment…

In Fiji in the mid-1990s and again from 2003-2006, there were a number of mainly leisure-orientated managed apartment developments released to the New Zealand and Australian markets.

“Then Fiji went through a period of political change and consequential uncertainty and the global financial crisis hit. But in the wake of Fiji’s democratic general election in 2014, confidence started returning to this beautiful island nation and developers are once again making their mark.”

Developers are looking not only to capture the imagination of local Fiji-based investors and new home owners, but also that of leisure investors in New Zealand, Australia and Asian nations.

Plus there’s another group also being tempted back into the property market – the multitude of Fijians living in Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Australia who chose to seek greener pastures during more difficult times but who are now looking to invest back in their homeland.

Until recently, there have been relatively few property opportunities to draw these investors and owner-occupiers back into the market.

Thankfully that is changing and development sites are being proactively pursued and acquired by savvy developers.


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