Pier pressure

Historic wharves and jetties around New Zealand’s coastline are having new life injected to them through maintenance projects costing millions of dollars, while other structures such as those on the Waikato River are being built to facilitate greater connection with city centres.

Tolaga Bay Wharf

Stretching its way out into the sea on the East Coast of New Zealand, the irrepressible Tolaga Bay Wharf stands in testimony to the persistence and passion of its local community

Lower Hutt Wharves

Hutt City Council (HCC) has budgeted to spend around $15million on the repair, restoration and in one case, demolition, of four wharves under its jurisdiction.

Governor’s Bay Jetty

Now a shadow of its former self and slumping as its piles gradually surrender to the elements, the Governors Bay Jetty is an icon of the wider Banks Peninsula area and was immortalised in long-time resident Margaret Mahy’s book, A Summery Saturday Morning.

Hamilton Jetties

Recognising that the Waikato River is a remarkable natural asset, historically important to local iwi and the defining geographical feature of the city, the Hamilton City River Plan was adopted by the Hamilton City Council (HCC) in late 2014 to address the role the river plays in the city’s growth trajectory.

Waterfront takes a look at the effects of pier pressure across the country, checking in with some ambitious wharf and jetty rejuvenation projects.


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