Safe Mooring

Around the world, marinas are evolving to adapt to the changing needs and expectations of a discerning – and growing – market of boat owners.

While New Zealand has historically had a strong tradition of boat ownership, a new wave of boat owners is emerging on the back of rising property values. As their property assets increase in value, the “baby boomer” generation in particular is enjoying the opportunity to free up some equity and invest in recreational boats.

This in turn presents a challenge to marina operators to ensure that their facilities meet the changing requirements of both boat owners residing in New Zealand, and international boaters who seek out adventure and opportunities “down under”.

Trend watcher Adjiedj Bakas, speaking at the International Council of Marine Industry Association’s conference in 2016, said our changing world will see people have more time on their hands thanks to automation. This in turn will impact on their leisure time and how they choose to spend it.

Bakas foresees a growing trend for affordable boats with low maintenance costs, and a rise in shared boat ownership. He also says marinas will move away from being “parking lots for boats” to places where people share a community lifestyle.

The other major trend of note in the boating world is that boats are getting bigger and this poses a huge challenge for marinas to cater to these larger craft.

Waterfront checked out some of this country’s marinas looking at recent upgrades, their plans for growth and how they are adapting to consumer expectations.


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