Way down below the ocean

New Zealand underwater cameraman Steve Hathaway and daughter, Riley, are doing their bit to ensure that children understand and appreciate the marine environment and all it has to offer.

As a passionate advocate for the ocean environment, Steve Hathaway reckons he’s living the dream and he wants to share that sense of wonder with New Zealanders.

Underwater cameraman Steve and daughter Riley who is 17-years old, have established an interactive online resource for teachers and students called Young Ocean Explorers, filmed a television series of the same name and they’re on a quest to bring the stories of the sea to life.

The pair are quiet achievers but through their efforts, could be seen as this country’s equivalent of (the late) Steve Irwin and daughter Bindi who championed wildlife through Australia Zoo across the Tasman.

Whereas Irwin’s catch-cry was “crikey”, Steve’s conversation is punctuated with the phrase “what the heck?”

Waterfront dives into the adventures and mission of these ocean advocates.


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