Waterfront 2018/2019

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The water plays a huge part in the lives and lifestyles of millions of New Zealanders and Pacific Islanders. As outdoors people, the water’s edge is where we are drawn to relax, to play, to socialise and to push ourselves. For this reason a home by the water is a very special thing. In our psyche a house beside a river, lake or ocean beach, is a house where we can truly feel at home.

Fortunately in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands we are blessed with some of the most beautiful coastline. Buyers from all over the world prize it for its beauty and potential. But it can be a hard thing to part with. Deciding to sell requires careful consideration and complete confidence in the agents that are entrusted with the sale. Bayleys understands well the stakes that often accompany the sale of a waterfront property and have made it our business to offer the most exhaustive and advanced marketing service.

Our annual Waterfront magazine is the flagship of the unique packages we offer waterfront properties. Now in its 24th year, the magazine is respected and sought after by national and international buyers alike. Behind it is our extensive team of waterfront property specialists who are equipped with the latest in sales and marketing techniques.

Secure your place in the 2018/2019 edition of Waterfront today and make sure your property takes its place alongside the very best that New Zealand and the Pacific have to offer.

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