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Workplace issue 8

Location, location

This edition focuses on 'Location, location' across the retail, office and industrial sectors, featuring articles – '5 tips on positioning your office so it's where your workers want to be', '3 things you should consider when choosing your next shop location' and '5 tips for picking the best spot for your warehouse'.

Workplace issue 7

Hidden opportunities

This edition focuses on 'hidden opportunities' across the retail, office and industrial sectors, featuring articles – '5 things we can learn from Christchurch about office space', '5 tips on getting the most of our Auckland's Laneway revival' and '5 reasons why it’s good to be in local manufacturing right now'.

Workplace issue 6

Perfect spaces

This edition focuses on ‘perfect spaces’, featuring articles – ‘Creating a retail space that is more enticing than shopping online’, ‘5 tips for creating a staff friendly warehouse’ and ‘What to consider when re designing your office’.

Workplace issue 5

Health and Safety in the Workplace

Workplace Health and safety is about people, which is why it is such an important topic for us to discuss. WorkSafe have recently launched a campaign to support the new Act which has had positive support from NZ’s largest and most successful companies.

Workplace issue 4

Absolute Occupancy Costs

Absolute Occupancy Costs are being better understood by tenants in all asset classes – and the formula is far more interesting than rate/sqm x area. A recent study estimated office rental costs only equating to about 10% to staff costs!

Workplace issue 3


Sustainability has a vital role in the built environment. Whether it is through traditional Green Rating tools, like NZ Green Building Council or NABERNZ, or new initiatives such as the “Living Building Challenge”, the global shift is now being well received on our shores.

Workplace issue 2

The evolution of coworking

This edition is dedicated to a new trend in global workplace – CoWorking. While we have seen significant growth around the planet, the NZ scene is growing at a rapid rate and even leading in some areas.

Workplace issue 1


At Bayleys we understand the importance your property requirements have on the success of your business. Our mission is to ensure that the right solutions are provided directly to you as efficiently as possible.