Maximise the cube

How maximising the cube can improve your warehouse efficiencies.

Shaking up your office space?

How to manage resistance to change when you shake up the physical work environment

Bigger is not always better

Bigger is not always better – how smaller retailers can maintain a competitive edge

Go where the money is going

How the changing industrial market could open up new possibilities for your business base.

One size may not fit all

How doors and walls could be just the right thing for your business – in spite of popular trends.

How your retail business could evolve

Looking into the retail crystal ball gives insights to how your business could evolve for success.

How to protect your business

Operating a business is not always plain sailing – some things are well within your control and others, completely out of your sphere of influence.

Consumers are being driven and influenced by ethical issues and sustainable concerns

Global financial services firm Morgan Stanley recently conducted a survey in the UK which looked at shopping with a conscience and there could be some pointers for your retail business in the findings.

How could global workplace trends impact your office-based business?

A recent Forbes report by Dan Schawbel, partner and research director at Future Workplace – a U.S. firm that takes a long-term view of work environments – identified some key workplace trends for 2018 and beyond.

Why a design-build option is worth considering for your business

Getting the right industrial premises for your business is the key to operational success and sometimes, you need to bite the bullet and go for a purpose-built facility.

How to leverage digital trends to help meet customer retail expectations

We’ve all had to accept that the retail environment is forever changed with the far-reaching impact that the online market – and the digital space in general – has had on the sector.

Embracing the gig economy could be good for your business

Gone are the days where the workforce of any office-based business was all housed under one roof and everyone was on the employee payroll.

How being part of an industrial park
could bring business efficiencies

As industrial investment property continues to outperform other commercial property sectors, vacancy levels for existing industrial business premises are at historic lows – which makes it tough for those looking to lease a new industrial property for their business.

How to see your retail or hospo’
space through new eyes…

Operators can no longer “accidentally” run their businesses – consumers are too savvy for that. In a changing world where traditional business models are being challenged, creative thinking is more important than ever. You can’t just throw open the doors and expect people to descend with their open wallets.

How having a more diverse workforce
could benefit your business

Diversity in the workforce is a hot topic globally and, here in New Zealand, high-profile business leaders are throwing their support behind having workplaces that better mirror the country’s changing make-up.

How hot demand for New Zealand food is influencing cold property choices

There’s been a surge of interest in the leasing of food grade premises and in particular, cold storage facilities, around the country in recent times and in some areas, there’s pent up demand thanks to tight supply.

How bringing nature into your office
could change work outcomes

It may seem all a bit “new age”, but studies have shown time and again that introducing plants to the workplace environment can not only make the space look better, it can make employees happier and more productive.

How to ensure you remain relevant to your customers in a fast-changing retail world

We’ve all heard the doomsayers peddling the line that “clicks not bricks” is the way of the future striking fear into retailers’ hearts, however retail statistics in New Zealand are tracking well according to Stats NZ’s latest figures.

How a live-work unit could kick-start
your industrial business

Convenience and cost-effectiveness are the two prime benefits that come to mind when considering a live-work unit for an industrial business – but there are many others worth factoring in to the mix, too.

Operating your office business smoothly in a building with a Body Corporate structure

Being part of a unit-titled, mixed-use development where office, retail and residential users all have a presence within the one building or precinct, means that all occupiers need to adhere to the prescribed Body Corporate (BC) operational rules for that property.

Could being part of a new-look food precinct
suit your business plan?

The traditional cavernous basement-style food courts that we have become accustomed to may offer reasonable rental rates and good foot traffic numbers, but the often-poor lighting, echoing acoustics and awkward access might be a turn-off for your food retailing business or start-up.

Is owning your industrial building the best
use of your business capital?

While owning your own warehouse or other industrial property could – on paper – seem like a smart business decision, could it be at the expense of growing or evolving your business?

What to look out for when committing to
new retail space off-the-plans

New mixed-use developments and dedicated retail new-builds are providing fresh options for business owners around the country and we have a few hot tips for those looking to secure space off-the-plans

What to consider when looking to relocate
to new-build premises

So, you’ve decided that your business needs new premises and you’ve noticed a few glossy new-build developments being marketed in your desired area

Green is Good

Bayleys’ Lloyd Budd explains how the environment you work in can impact your success. Find out how to maximise productivity, ensure employee happiness, and create a better working environment!

How being part of a shopping mall could work in your business's favour

Traditional “old school” shopping malls, arcades and smaller-scale shopping centres have been under the spotlight lately with reports claiming that globally, they’re falling out of favour with customers.

How global warehousing trends could
influence your business model

If your business model includes warehousing in some form, global trends suggest that warehouses will become even hotter property on the back of changing retail practices, and where that warehouse space is physically located will change as a result.

How sub-leasing office space can unlock benefits for your business

So, you’ve got your office up and running and ticking along but now you find that you have committed to more space than you actually need.

Office Space Squeeze Ease

Office occupancy rates in Auckland’s inner city are the best they have been in many years but this could be as good as it gets for landlords.

How to open a store, part 1: Property

More and more new retailers are opening pureplay ecommerce sites before committing to bricks and mortar stores. The fundamental question retailers need to answer before selecting a site, Lloyd Budd of Bayleys says, is: “Who are your customers?

Common Retail Leasing Myths – And What To Look For Instead

As a retailer you’re probably pretty focused on the bottom dollar. But when you’re comparing leases in the search for your next shop, leave the price tag obsession to your customers. You have more important things to think about…

Common Tenancy Myths – And The Things You Should Look For Instead

You may be currently hunting down the cheapest office out there with the determination of a detective. But securing your perfect brand base isn’t all about finding the lowest-priced lease, nor is it about a lot of things you may have thought. Here’s our list of commercial real estate myths – and the alternative checklist you should pocket instead.

Warehouse Tenancy Myths and What You Should Concern Yourself with Instead

The thing about being in the market for a new warehouse is: when you’re looking for something so big, it’s hard to think small. But when it comes to signing a years-long commercial lease, the little things are often more important than the large, obvious ones. And sometimes those obvious things should be crossed off your list all together…

Got FOMO? Switch Up Your Office Space!

With many new dedicated office and mixed-use developments breaking ground around the country and examples of high-end refurbished office spaces coming to the market, businesses with existing leases in established older-style office buildings – and their staff – could be forgiven for having a touch of FOMO, fear of missing out.

Thinking More Like a Landlord Could Be a Smart Move

To get the most out of an industrial lease in the fast-moving industrial market, a tenant may have to start thinking more like a landlord.

Could the Next Big Sporting Tour Benefit Your Business?

The fast approaching British and Irish Lions Tour of New Zealand has more than just the sporting community excited; the hospitality and retail sectors are gearing up to optimise their share of the dollars that thousands of rugby fans will drop into metropolitan and provincial economies.

Business Growth Drives down Wellington Vacancy

Wellington’s powerfully performing economy, driven by expenditure on major infrastructure projects, booming Information and Communication Technology and film sectors along with strong results from the manufacturing sector, has been reflected in a fall in vacancy rates across the region’s prime industrial precincts.

Shoppers still head for the stores

Despite the growth of multi-channel retailing, the demand for and development of retail premises continues unabated. However, challenges and changes lie ahead.

The Space Race

The addition of new quality office space across NZ has been widely publicised – just take Auckland for example with over 100,000sqm expected to be delivered by 2019. Whether it is Britomart, Commercial Bay, Victoria St or Wynard Quarter – the location is becoming less relevant. So what are the drivers that attracting some of the biggest & fastest growing companies to new buildings?

The evolution of coworking - Auckland

An evolution in workspace usage is quietly taking shape. Coworking, a new sub sector of the real estate market, is experiencing significant global growth as changing occupier preferences create new opportunities for commercial property owners.