The Space Race

Space Race

The addition of new quality office space across NZ has been widely publicised – just take Auckland for example with over 100,000sqm expected to be delivered by 2019. Whether it is Britomart, Commercial Bay, Victoria St or Wynard Quarter – the location is becoming less relevant. So what are the drivers that attracting some of the biggest & fastest growing companies to new buildings?

  • Consolidation; many of the movers are consolidating their office requirements that were previously located across multiple locations. Examples of this include NZME, Fonterra, Datacom & Auckland Transport. There are numerous benefits to consolidation; cost savings on rent (overall reduction in space required), more productive workspaces (larger floor plates & less travel time) and increased collaboration (innovation & growth opportunities).

  • Health & Wellbeing; Green Building benefits are now widely accepted globally for their environmental benefits – but there is growing evidence illustrating the health benefits for the occupants of these buildings too. Healthier staff take less sick days, are more productive and stay with employers longer.

  • Amenity; the modern day worker has a busy life. Therefore access to amenities has become a key decision making criteria – retail shops, childcare, gym/yoga, showers, food, dry-cleaning… the efficiency these amenities bring to workers day-to-day life is priceless.

  • Technology; buildings are now getting their own apps! These can help you plan meeting spaces, order coffee’s or register for upcoming networking events. The technology benefits within the work environment are also adding to productivity – wireless workplaces, improved team communications and the ability to work from multiple locations.

  • The Space Race is not an elite club reserved for global businesses either. Benefits are equally as applicable to smaller businesses. With the new supply coming on board - cost savings, healthy talent & access to world-class amenity is within reach for many more people.