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Could the Next Big Sporting Tour Benefit Your Business?

The fast approaching British and Irish Lions Tour of New Zealand has more than just the sporting community excited; the hospitality and retail sectors are gearing up to optimise their share of the dollars that thousands of rugby fans will drop into metropolitan and provincial economies.

Thinking More Like a Landlord Could Be a Smart Move

To get the most out of an industrial lease in the fast-moving industrial market, a tenant may have to start thinking more like a landlord.

Got FOMO? Switch Up Your Office Space!

With many new dedicated office and mixed-use developments breaking ground around the country and examples of high-end refurbished office spaces coming to the market, businesses with existing leases in established older-style office buildings – and their staff – could be forgiven for having a touch of FOMO, fear of missing out.

Warehouse Tenancy Myths and What You Should Concern Yourself with Instead

The thing about being in the market for a new warehouse is: when you’re looking for something so big, it’s hard to think small. But when it comes to signing a years-long commercial lease, the little things are often more important than the large, obvious ones. And sometimes those obvious things should be crossed off your list all together…

Common Tenancy Myths – And The Things You Should Look For Instead

You may be currently hunting down the cheapest office out there with the determination of a detective. But securing your perfect brand base isn’t all about finding the lowest-priced lease, nor is it about a lot of things you may have thought. Here’s our list of commercial real estate myths – and the alternative checklist you should pocket instead.

Common Retail Leasing Myths – And What To Look For Instead

As a retailer you’re probably pretty focused on the bottom dollar. But when you’re comparing leases in the search for your next shop, leave the price tag obsession to your customers. You have more important things to think about…

Office Space Squeeze Ease

Office occupancy rates in Auckland’s inner city are the best they have been in many years but this could be as good as it gets for landlords.

Doggy Day Care

Commercial pet care facilities have moved into urban areas and are now a growing business phenomena.

Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

The pop-up revolution offers commercial landlords a life-line as online shopping lays waste to high-street retailers.

5 questions to ask yourself before signing your next lease

So, you’ve located the location, the location and the location of your next retail premises and you’re about to sign on the proverbial line. Exciting times. And if you ask yourself a few pertinent questions before you proceed, long may they continue…

5 questions to ask yourself before signing your next warehouse lease

So you’ve answered the “where?” in the search for your next warehouse. But, before you start rolling in the moving trucks, there are many other questions to ask. Like, is there anywhere to park them?

5 questions before signing your next lease

You’re about to sign yourself and an office load of people into a new space you’ve just found… “Yep, looks great, hand me that pen”. Hold up. There are a few pertinent questions to ask yourself before you close the door on negotiations...

Space Savers

The self storage sector in New Zealand is maturing as residential and business customers increasingly seek cost-effective storage solutions around the country. Jody Robb takes a look beyond the roller doors and security gates. In the self storage sector, the “four Ds” are widely touted as driving demand at facilities around the world.

How to open a store, part 1: Property

More and more new retailers are opening pureplay ecommerce sites before committing to bricks and mortar stores. The fundamental question retailers need to answer before selecting a site, Lloyd Budd of Bayleys says, is: “Who are your customers?

The Game Changer

The technology driving gaming phenomenon Pokémon GO has the power to revolutionise the commercial property industry, allowing potential buyers to walk through buildings that are yet to be completed or undertake due diligence on their smartphone.

3 tips for making the most of your roof

“The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire”. Okay, not quite, but those solar panels are keeping things pretty warm up there.

5 tips for creating a shop with face value

You may have heard the small business owner’s mantra: “attract, engage and entice (omm)”. Hey, you may even be mantra-ing it right now. But have you applied it beyond your store’s welcome mat?

5 ways and reasons to add an outdoor space to your office

Anyone who’s been house-hunting has heard the phrase “indoor/outdoor flow” internally, on repeat, every night at 4am. But if you’re looking for a new office? It may never come up. Well, maybe you should bring it up. Because the most in-demand staff have “indoor/outdoor flow” on their office wish-list even if you don’t.

3 things you should consider when choosing your next shop location

It’s clear to anyone who’s ploughed down Auckland’s Queen Street recently that the retail world is hovering in its own stratosphere right now. For everyone else there are the stats – those ones with all the zeros.

5 tips on positioning your office so it’s where your workers want to be

With the standard 40-hour work week, people spend more of their waking hours in the office than they do in their own homes. Understand then, that someone with their pick of job prospects will give the same consideration to the location of their workplace as they do to the location of the house they’ll go back to each night.

5 tips for picking the best spot for your warehouse

Location – it’s so important that people usually mention it three times in a row. 

5 reasons why it’s good to be in local manufacturing right now

If you don’t remember it, you’ve heard of it: the late ’80s era of slashed import tariffs and ‘bargain stores’ spreading up down the country like measles on the face of the local manufacturing industry.

5 tips on getting the most out of Auckland’s Laneway Revival

Think of city laneways and you’re likely to picture Melbourne; its CBD richly veined with cobbled alleys, mysterious side streets and established pedestrian zones that crackle with chic bars, hip eateries and boutique retail shops.

5 things we can learn from Christchurch about office space

With 92 hectares of the city’s CBD initially cordoned off, post-earthquake Christchurch had to be flexible with its nine-to-five arrangements.

7 ways to create an enticing retail experience

Laying on the couch is no longer the dead centre of inactivity that is used to be. The 2016 Total Retail survey of 23,000 shoppers from 25 countries found that 54% of people buy from the comfort of their lounge on at least a monthly basis.

5 tips for creating a staff friendly small to medium warehouse

Many factory workers find out what they don’t like in a workplace the hard (labour) way, on the warehouse floor. This has lead to an industry with a notoriously high turnover – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

6 ways to design the right office for your company

If you have a new employee starting soon and the only available space is in the gap beside the fridge, it may be time to seek out new premises.

Unexpected factors influencing the future of industrial real estate

When your products aren’t leaving your factory or warehouse via ghost truck, they will fly out via delivery drone. And the goods themselves? They’ll pop out of a 3D printer or be assembled by an AI bot. What does this have to do with the future of industrial real estate?.

5 factors influencing the future of retail real estate

Welcome to the future: where we’ve torn down the bricks and mortar stores and built ones made of clicks and mortar in their place.

4 reasons why appeasing your office's millenials keeps everyone happy

If you have a new employee starting soon and the only available space is in the gap beside the fridge, it may be time to seek out new premises.