Industrial editorial and insights

On-demand warehousing on the rise

Industrial - Workplace May 2021

As many businesses face seasonal fluctuations in demand and fulfilment, we explore why co-warehousing is a rising trend in the industrial property sector in New Zealand.

Industrial sector shows grit

Industrial - Workplace October 2020

The industrial property market has shown resilience and strong activity despite the upheavals that 2020 has brought with it.

Navigating the industrial leasing market post COVID-19

Industrial - Workplace April 2020

Overseas examples show the industrial market will largely be quite well-insulated from major disturbance caused from COVID-19, we delve into the reasons behind this.

Industrial sector talking points

Industrial - Workplace February 2020

As the industrial sector continues to evolve and thrive, we explore the top-of-mind issues and priorities needed to stay relevant in a dynamic and evolving industrial environment.

A shot in the dark for industrial property

Industrial - Workplace December 2019

As demand escalates in the e-commerce space, dedicated e-grocery or "dark stores" are arising, creating the need for well-positioned industrial property.

Demand for industrial property for the food and beverage industry

Industrial - Workplace October 2019

With increasing demand for industrial space to accommodate this growing sector, companies are seeking out production facilities with good distribution links for export.

The benefits of locating within inland port hubs

Industrial - Workplace August 2019

It may be time to look to regional hubs, as business dynamics within the supply chain market are changing quickly.

Industrial property’s turn for a workforce well-being check

Industrial – Workplace June 2019

New industrial developments are taking a leaf from the office sector’s book and are designing with staff-focused initiatives and sustainability in mind.

Ghost kitchens deliver new efficiencies away from dining hubs

Industrial – Workplace April 2019

With the food delivery sector thriving, there is a global trend for delivery-only kitchens created in industrial or other vacant real estate.

Are you part of the leasing dating game?

Industrial – Workplace February 2019

Getting the right space to lease for an industrial business isn’t just finding the right location, but also about compatibility with your landlord.

How food start-ups are leveraging off shared facilities

Industrial – Workplace November 2018

A summit focusing on the future of food and cooking held last month in food-crazy Seattle, identified a trend towards greater connectivity between budding food entrepreneurs.

Will robots really take over the workplace?

Industrial – Workplace October 2018

It seems inevitable that robotics will continue to play a starring role within the logistics, distribution, manufacturing and transportation sectors in the very near future, and yes many, many “human” jobs will be lost.

Wheel of logistics

Industrial – Workplace September 2018

Get up to speed with the evolution of “hub and spoke” centres.

Master-planned industrial estates

Industrial – Workplace August 2018

Learn how your business can navigate the rapidly changing industrial property landscape.

Taking cues from infrastructural changes

Industrial – Workplace July 2018

How to benefit your industrial business in years to come.

Waste not, want not

Industrial – Workplace June 2018

The importance of having an energy plan.

The future of manufacturing

Industrial – Workplace May 2018

How the manufacturing sector in New Zealand is evolving.

Will you stay or will you go

Industrial – Workplace April 2018

Navigating the path to a lease that suits your industrial business.

Smarter solutions

Industrial – Workplace March 2018

How 3PL can make your business life a whole lot easier.

Maximise the cube

Industrial – Workplace February 2018

How maximising the cube can improve your warehouse efficiencies.

Go where the money is going

Industrial – Workplace January 2018

How the changing industrial market could open up new possibilities for your business base.

How to protect your business

Industrial – Workplace December 2017

Operating a business is not always plain sailing – some things are well within your control and others, completely out of your sphere of influence.

Why a design-build option is worth considering for your business

Industrial – Workplace November 2017

Getting the right industrial premises for your business is the key to operational success and sometimes, you need to bite the bullet and go for a purpose-built facility.

How being part of an industrial park could bring business efficiencies

Industrial – Workplace October 2017

As industrial investment property continues to outperform other commercial property sectors, vacancy levels for existing industrial business premises are at historic lows – which makes it tough for those looking to lease a new industrial property for their business.

How hot demand for New Zealand food is influencing cold property choices

Industrial – Workplace September 2017

There’s been a surge of interest in the leasing of food grade premises and in particular, cold storage facilities, around the country in recent times and in some areas, there’s pent up demand thanks to tight supply.

How a live-work unit could kick-start
your industrial business

Industrial – Workplace August 2017

Convenience and cost-effectiveness are the two prime benefits that come to mind when considering a live-work unit for an industrial business – but there are many others worth factoring in to the mix, too.

Is owning your industrial building the best
use of your business capital?

Industrial – Workplace July 2017

While owning your own warehouse or other industrial property could – on paper – seem like a smart business decision, could it be at the expense of growing or evolving your business?

How global warehousing trends could influence your business model

Industrial – Workplace June 2017

If your business model includes warehousing in some form, global trends suggest that warehouses will become even hotter property on the back of changing retail practices, and where that warehouse space is physically located will change as a result.

Warehouse Tenancy Myths and What You Should Concern Yourself with Instead

Industrial – Workplace May 2017

The thing about being in the market for a new warehouse is: when you’re looking for something so big, it’s hard to think small. But when it comes to signing a years-long commercial lease, the little things are often more important than the large, obvious ones. And sometimes those obvious things should be crossed off your list all together…

Thinking More Like a Landlord Could Be a Smart Move

Industrial – Workplace April 2017

To get the most out of an industrial lease in the fast-moving industrial market, a tenant may have to start thinking more like a landlord.

How to optimise cubic capacity in your industrial building

Industrial – Workplace May 2017

With a shortage of undeveloped industrial-zoned land for new-build industrial properties in most of New Zealand’s main centres, the challenge for businesses and landlords within this popular sector lies in maximising and optimising existing space in order to achieve operating efficiencies.

5 questions to ask yourself before signing your next warehouse lease

Industrial – Workplace WP14 2017

So you’ve answered the “where?” in the search for your next warehouse. But, before you start rolling in the moving trucks, there are many other questions to ask. Like, is there anywhere to park them?

5 tips for picking the best spot for your warehouse

Industrial – Workplace September 2016

Location – it’s so important that people usually mention it three times in a row. 

5 tips for creating a staff friendly small to medium warehouse

Industrial – Workplace July 2016

Many factory workers find out what they don’t like in a workplace the hard (labour) way, on the warehouse floor. This has lead to an industry with a notoriously high turnover – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Unexpected factors influencing the future of industrial real estate

Industrial – Workplace December 2016

When your products aren’t leaving your factory or warehouse via ghost truck, they will fly out via delivery drone. And the goods themselves? They’ll pop out of a 3D printer or be assembled by an AI bot. What does this have to do with the future of industrial real estate?.