Workplace industrial editorial and insights

Small is good

Industrial - Workplace May 2022

Micro-units are increasingly sought-after by industrial users, but it’s a jungle out there.

Industrial goes green

Industrial - Workplace March 2022

Green credentials are gaining traction in the industrial sector as tenants, landlords and stakeholders seek to become kinder to the planet.

Automation – all systems go

Industrial - Workplace December 2021

Industry-wide, many human-based functions are being usurped by automation creating challenges for the industrial property sector.

Time for a cool change

Industrial - Workplace October 2021

A lack of available cold storage property in the leasing market is creating robust competition from occupiers and signalling a need for further investment in the sector.

Data centres get their time in the sun

Industrial - Workplace July 2021

On the back of a growing digital economy and demand for cloud data storage, data centres emerge as one of the most favourable commercial/industrial asset classes in New Zealand.

On-demand warehousing on the rise

Industrial - Workplace May 2021

As many businesses face seasonal fluctuations in demand and fulfilment, we explore why co-warehousing is a rising trend in the industrial property sector in New Zealand.

Industrial sector shows grit

Industrial - Workplace October 2020

The industrial property market has shown resilience and strong activity despite the upheavals that 2020 has brought with it.

Navigating the industrial leasing market post COVID-19

Industrial - Workplace April 2020

Overseas examples show the industrial market will largely be quite well-insulated from major disturbance caused from COVID-19, we delve into the reasons behind this.

Industrial sector talking points

Industrial - Workplace February 2020

As the industrial sector continues to evolve and thrive, we explore the top-of-mind issues and priorities needed to stay relevant in a dynamic and evolving industrial environment.