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Share and flex

Office - Workplace October 2021

Far from being only the domain of start-ups and sole traders, flexible office space is allowing large corporates and professionals to be agile in their businesses too.

Amenities matter

Office - Workplace July 2021

In the pursuit of talent attraction and retention, the quality of amenities within the workplace are taking on new significance in a post-COVID world.

Greener leases

Office - Workplace May 2021

There is significant dialogue happening in the office sector currently around ESG, as the corporate world is transitioning to a lower carbon, more sustainable, and more resilient future.

Suburban desk talk

Office - Workplace October 2020

As businesses are embracing new ways of working, we explore how New Zealand’s suburban office market is changing as workplace trends evolve.

Core & Flex: Space as a Service (SaaS)

Office - Workplace April 2020

With businesses reassessing their space requirements in the changed environment, we look at how co-working will play an important role as we work to snap back from the current crisis.

Workplace COVID-19 predictions

Office - Workplace April 2020

While it is too early to be making conclusive assessments about the commercial property sector as a result of the game-changing COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve settled the argument about the need for physical office space.

How to adapt to remote working

Office - Workplace March 2020

There are many corporates who have already rolled out working from home programmes and we share some tips on how to make remote work effective and sustainable.

When out-of-office is good for the planet

Office - Workplace February 2020

There are some strong initiatives coming out of New Zealand – and globally – suggesting that change is good when it comes to office working hours.