Office editorial and insights

Suburban desk talk

Office - Workplace October 2020

As businesses are embracing new ways of working, we explore how New Zealand’s suburban office market is changing as workplace trends evolve.

Core & Flex: Space as a Service (SaaS)

Office - Workplace April 2020

With businesses reassessing their space requirements in the changed environment, we look at how co-working will play an important role as we work to snap back from the current crisis.

Workplace COVID-19 predictions

Office - Workplace April 2020

While it is too early to be making conclusive assessments about the commercial property sector as a result of the game-changing COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve settled the argument about the need for physical office space.

How to adapt to remote working

Office - Workplace March 2020

There are many corporates who have already rolled out working from home programmes and we share some tips on how to make remote work effective and sustainable.

When out-of-office is good for the planet

Office - Workplace February 2020

There are some strong initiatives coming out of New Zealand – and globally – suggesting that change is good when it comes to office working hours.

“We” space versus “me” space

Office - Workplace December 2019

The world is made up of introverts and extroverts and adapting the office layout to accommodate many varying working styles is becoming increasingly important for businesses.

Changing up the office environment

Office - Workplace October 2019

Changing business models and more flexible work spaces are just some of the recent disruptors in the office sector – and there are more changes ahead.

Managing the office relocation game

Office - Workplace August 2019

Existing and new businesses are reassessing their business needs and scoping out office space, giving rise to greater movements within the leasing market around the country.

Doing your own thing while working together

Office – Workplace June 2019

Coworking spaces continue to increase their share of the workplace and are no longer deemed just for freelancers and self-employed operators.

How end-of-trip facilities can benefit your business

Office – Workplace April 2019

Mindful workers are opting for sustainable transport options, increasing demand for end-of-trip facilities at the office.

The latest office trends

Office – Workplace February 2019

Trends in the office environment are evolving with technology, flexibility requirements and our need to be green.

How escaping the big city crush to the regions could benefit your business

Office – Workplace November 2018

As the squeeze on rents and space availability continues in the major centres across New Zealand, is it time to consider moving your business head office to the regions?

How to ensure hot desking doesn’t get the cold shoulder

Office – Workplace October 2018

As a business owner, you may have ventured down the hot desking path with your employees and maybe it’s time to check the satisfaction temperature?

Bringing nature indoors

Office – Workplace September 2018

Natural environments help offset many of the negative effects of the fast-paced world we live and work in.

Have you got a social plan?

Office – Workplace August 2018

Why social media should be an additional string to your marketing bow.

Reconfiguring your office

Office – Workplace July 2018

How tradition is yielding to new ways of working.

Workplace productivity

Office – Workplace June 2018

How sleeping on the job could be the wake-up call your business needs.

The rise of coworking

Office – Workplace May 2018

How to cut your overheads and work more flexibly with coworking.

Work smarter not harder

Office – Workplace April 2018

How changing the way your office business functions can transcend the physical environment.

Home away from home

Office – Workplace March 2018

How the word “choice” is influencing what the workplace of the future could look like.

Shaking up your office space?

Office – Workplace February 2018

How to manage resistance to change when you shake up the physical work environment.

One size may not fit all

Office – Workplace January 2018

How doors and walls could be just the right thing for your business – in spite of popular trends.

How could global workplace trends impact your office-based business?

Office – Workplace December 2017

A recent Forbes report by Dan Schawbel, partner and research director at Future Workplace – a U.S. firm that takes a long-term view of work environments – identified some key workplace trends for 2018 and beyond.

Embracing the gig economy could be good for your business

Office – Workplace November 2017

Gone are the days where the workforce of any office-based business was all housed under one roof and everyone was on the employee payroll.

How having a more diverse workforce
could benefit your business

Office – Workplace October 2017

Diversity in the workforce is a hot topic globally and, here in New Zealand, high-profile business leaders are throwing their support behind having workplaces that better mirror the country’s changing make-up.

How bringing nature into your office
could change work outcomes

Office – Workplace September 2017

It may seem all a bit “new age”, but studies have shown time and again that introducing plants to the workplace environment can not only make the space look better, it can make employees happier and more productive.

Operating your office business smoothly in a building with a Body Corporate structure

Office – Workplace August 2017

Being part of a unit-titled, mixed-use development where office, retail and residential users all have a presence within the one building or precinct, means that all occupiers need to adhere to the prescribed Body Corporate (BC) operational rules for that property.

What to consider when looking to relocate
to new-build premises

Office – Workplace July 2017

So, you’ve decided that your business needs new premises and you’ve noticed a few glossy new-build developments being marketed in your desired area

How sub-leasing office space can unlock benefits for your business

Office – Workplace June 2017

So, you’ve got your office up and running and ticking along but now you find that you have committed to more space than you actually need.

Office Space Squeeze Ease

Office – Workplace March 2017

Office occupancy rates in Auckland’s inner city are the best they have been in many years but this could be as good as it gets for landlords.

Common Tenancy Myths – And The Things You Should Look For Instead

Office – Workplace May 2017

You may be currently hunting down the cheapest office out there with the determination of a detective. But securing your perfect brand base isn’t all about finding the lowest-priced lease, nor is it about a lot of things you may have thought. Here’s our list of commercial real estate myths – and the alternative checklist you should pocket instead.

Got FOMO? Switch Up Your Office Space!

Office – Workplace April 2017

With many new dedicated office and mixed-use developments breaking ground around the country and examples of high-end refurbished office spaces coming to the market, businesses with existing leases in established older-style office buildings – and their staff – could be forgiven for having a touch of FOMO, fear of missing out.

The Space Race

Office – Workplace February 2017

The addition of new quality office space across NZ has been widely publicised – just take Auckland for example with over 100,000sqm expected to be delivered by 2019. Whether it is Britomart, Commercial Bay, Victoria St or Wynard Quarter – the location is becoming less relevant. So what are the drivers that attracting some of the biggest & fastest growing companies to new buildings?

How to tackle parking – or the lack of it – for office staff and clients

Office – Workplace March 2017

If a shortage of car parking in or around your office building is starting to cause you – and in turn, your staff and business – some concern, it may be time to take a fresh look at parking opportunities and other ways to reframe the issue.

5 questions to ask yourself before signing your next lease

Office – Workplace January 2017

So, you’ve located the location, the location and the location of your next retail premises and you’re about to sign on the proverbial line. Exciting times. And if you ask yourself a few pertinent questions before you proceed, long may they continue…

5 ways and reasons to add an outdoor space to your office

Office – Workplace October 2016

Anyone who’s been house-hunting has heard the phrase “indoor/outdoor flow” internally, on repeat, every night at 4am. But if you’re looking for a new office? It may never come up. Well, maybe you should bring it up. Because the most in-demand staff have “indoor/outdoor flow” on their office wish-list even if you don’t.

5 tips on positioning your office so it’s where your workers want to be

Office – Workplace September 2016

With the standard 40-hour work week, people spend more of their waking hours in the office than they do in their own homes. Understand then, that someone with their pick of job prospects will give the same consideration to the location of their workplace as they do to the location of the house they’ll go back to each night.

5 things we can learn from Christchurch about office space

Office – Workplace August 2016

With 92 hectares of the city’s CBD initially cordoned off, post-earthquake Christchurch had to be flexible with its nine-to-five arrangements.

6 ways to design the right office for your company

Office – Workplace July 2016

If you have a new employee starting soon and the only available space is in the gap beside the fridge, it may be time to seek out new premises.

4 reasons why appeasing your office's millenials keeps everyone happy

Office – Workplace December 2016

If you have a new employee starting soon and the only available space is in the gap beside the fridge, it may be time to seek out new premises.