5 Tips On Positioning Your Office So It’s Where Your Workers Want To Be

5 Tips On Positioning Your Office So It’s Where Your Workers Want To Be

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With the standard 40-hour work week, people spend more of their waking hours in the office than they do in their own homes. Understand then, that someone with their pick of job prospects will give the same consideration to the location of their workplace as they do to the location of the house they’ll go back to each night. Areas that throw up roadblocks (figurative and literal) to getting to and from work, getting food, or getting inspired, chip away at your staff’s time, energy and motivation. It may sound dramatic, but your choice of location can make or break staff morale – and consequently, your business. So, if you’re offering the competitive salary, decent perks (discounted gym memberships!) a great culture (Friday drinks!) but you still can’t find – or hold onto – the staff you want it may be time to ask yourself whether it’s your location keeping potential staff stars away...

1. Get in where you fit in

When looking at a potential location, ask yourself what the address would tell prospective staff (or clients) about your company. Does the neighbourhood align with and enhance your brand’s image? A more traditional or corporate business may seem out of place in a colourful, artsy and ever-so-slightly gritty area, whereas that same neighbourhood could be a locational glass slipper for a creative start-up, design studio or architecture firm. Companies in trust dependent professions such as accounting, law or finance may find it worth investing more to secure an office in, or near, a blue-chip area known for that type of business (most Aucklanders could tell you exactly where the city’s Legal and Financial Precinct is). The appropriate location conveys authenticity and credibility to potential candidates, and makes them excited about being in a spot that’s right in amongst all the action.

2. Factor in travel

Let’s just get it out of the way that nobody – nobody – likes commuting. Yet, it remains an unfortunate fact of life – especially for those living in Auckland. If your ultimate location is somewhere outside of the CBD then make the journey a bit easier on travel-weary staff by securing an office space close to public transport or motorway links. This may cost you a bit more, but it’s worth it – in industries and areas where the competition for talent is fierce, your proximity to trains, buses and arterial routes may be the value-add that nudges you ahead on a potential star employee’s shortlist.

3. Full bellies, happy hearts

Your staff need sustenance – and if the sustenance options in your location happen to be varied and exciting, then your workplace itself will start looking pretty appealing too. We’re 100% serious when we say that being close to decent grub options is a massive plus to potential staff, especially if your line of business necessitates irregular hours or the odd late night in the office. We all have days where workload means lunch is a sandwich scarfed down at the desk, but there are other days when stepping away from the office for a freshly prepared meal is essential to recharging the batteries for the afternoon. Does your location give staff this option, or will they have to spend every Sunday night in a futile search of Tupperware lids?

4. Access to amenities

Life admin doesn’t simply cease to exist during 95. Outside of throwing in a PA on all employment packages (in which case, can we come work for you?) the best way your business can show that it understands the whole work/life balance thing is to set up office somewhere that makes it a bit easier to achieve. When scouting for a location, consider proximity to primary amenities, such as childcare facilities, banks, post offices, medical centres and pharmacies. For bonus points, gyms, hair salons and dry cleaning services are also pretty handy to have in the neighbourhood. Employees appreciate being easily able to nip out on break and get a trim, pick up a prescription, or send a last-minute gift to Mum on her birthday.

5. Leave it to the experts

Finding the ideal location isn’t easy; it takes research, tenacity and thorough due diligence. If you’re struggling to find your place on the map – or you’d prefer to focus your energies on other areas of the business – then consider getting a hand from a professional. With over 40 years’ experience, the team at Bayleys are experts in commercial leasing. Whether you’re building your business from scratch, or simply looking for a change of scene, they have the inside knowledge on the streets and sites that’ll attract the best talent to your company.

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