How end-of-trip facilities can benefit your business

How end-of-trip facilities can benefit your business

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Escalating car parking costs in our cities and a rising swell of support for sustainable transport options means an increasing number of workers now opt to cycle, walk, scooter or run to work each day.

As these mindful workers are at the whim of the elements and can work up a sweat, the provision of end-of-trip (EoT) facilities at a workplace can be the difference between attracting/retaining staff and having disgruntled (and smelly!) employees. At worst, it could create workplace churn if these staff decide to look elsewhere for a more accommodating workplace.

If you’re considering how you can make your existing space more end-of-trip friendly for your staff, or looking for new business premises that could cater for this, then start the conversation with your current or prospective landlord about the feasibility of creating EoT amenities.

Impressive A-grade new-build office and mixed-use developments peppering the major centres and city fringe locations tend to boast “bells-and-whistle” amenities for workers. These include efficient EoT facilities like showers, well-appointed changing rooms, gyms and even well-stocked kitchens and wellness rooms. Plus, easily-accessible and secure bike storage options and lockers for personal belongings.

NZ Transport Agency says that with initiatives and extensive funding being poured into cycleways and cycle paths and a push towards encouraging more people to cycle rather than drive, the provision of end-of-trip work facilities such as secure cycle parking, storage lockers and showers are important in attracting new converts to this way of commuting.

Providing these sorts of facilities at a workplace could also benefit lunchtime exercisers.

Studies have shown that it’s not always a bigger pay packet that motivates workers – a feeling of being valued, recognised and supported is high on the employee-satisfaction list. Investment in the provision of facilities and workplace environments that support better work/life balance and health/fitness initiatives is one way to do this and can be important recruitment tools for businesses.

Proactive owners of office property are looking for ways to make them more competitive in the market when looking to attract business tenants, and customer-focused landlords will be thinking about how EoT facility benefits could help them secure longer lease commitments.

The fit-out and provision of high-quality staff amenities might be something that you can work through with a prospective or existing landlord and some agreement arrived at in terms of cost apportioning. An experienced commercial project management company can assist with these discussions and facilitate an action plan to benefit all parties.


• Ask for input from your team as to what they would like to see in the way of EoT facilities at work

• Don’t hide the facilities away in the deep, dark depths of the building – they should be discreetly-located, designed thoughtfully, preferably have natural light and be well-ventilated

• Think about the added extras that could win you brownie points from staff e.g. provision of hair dryers, hair straighteners, a clean towel service

• Think about personal storage lockers for helmets, backpacks and valuables to keep these things out of the working desk space

• Consider drying areas for sweaty/wet exercise gear, raincoats and towels

• Bike storage needs to be planned for and it should be under cover, easy to access, and generous in size

• Some workplaces provide basic tools for quick bike repairs

• Ensure that a regular cleaning programme is in place for the facilities

• Is there a charging station for electric bikes? This could be the way forward for commuting.

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