Got FOMO? Switch Up Your Office Space!

Got FOMO? Switch Up Your Office Space!

Office – Workplace April 2017

With many new dedicated office and mixed-use developments breaking ground around the country and examples of high-end refurbished office spaces coming to the market, businesses with existing leases in established older-style office buildings – and their staff – could be forgiven for having a touch of FOMO, fear of missing out.

Comparison, it is said, can be the thief of joy. Rather than regretting the fact that you are not running with the so-called “in-crowd” at the top end where your office address is concerned, take some cues from market-leading examples and transfer some of that thinking into your own space.

1. New buildings advertise energy efficiencies and green/eco-intelligence as selling points to attract businesses and in turn like-minded staff. The building you are in may not have high-spec’ energy credentials, but even as a tenant, you can improve your office’s energy efficiencies.

A building’s NABERSNZ Certified Rating is seen as a tangible benefit in today’s commercial property market with many new and upgraded properties advertising their rating as a badge of honour. Under the NABERSNZ scheme, tenants are being encouraged to take the initiative and implement steps towards improving their energy performance within their existing building with bottom-line savings to be made.

Going down the NABERSNZ benchmarking path can help you identify ways to reduce energy costs, help engage your staff in energy-saving measures, demonstrate environmental responsibility and improve your corporate brand/reputation.

2. The trend in new office developments is for shared, open working spaces, centralised meeting hubs, useable outdoor spaces and light, airy interiors. Renovating your office space could help optimise staff productivity and retention, and could give your working environment the shot in the arm that it needs to remain relevant in today’s evolving office accommodation arena – particularly from a recruitment angle.

An effective and efficient layout will be one that best fits your company’s corporate values, work flows and staff dynamics.

Work with what you have and see if you can incorporate some of the latest trends into your existing office footprint. Removal of non-weight bearing partition walls, a new colour scheme, updated furniture in new positions to encourage team thinking and plenty of greenery by way of indoor plants can give you the modern, high-end office look without the accompanying rent burden.

Get your landlord onboard and double check your lease agreement to reference what is allowable under its terms.

3. Staff wellbeing is another buzz term within office environments currently. While you may not be able to offer the most cutting-edge working space, you could go some way towards boosting team spirit through activity schedules, in-house fitness training or other motivation boosters.

Your current office premises may not have all the latest, sexy credentials that the new-builds or flash refurbed ones do, but channelling some of the dollars you save on rent into a few clever physical and cultural tweaks could make a world of difference to the way your environment is perceived by both your staff and clients.

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