Retail editorial and insights

The reinvention of neighbourhood retail

Retail - Workplace October 2020

Suburban retail is undergoing a revival post-COVID, as changed workplace dynamics help to drive change.

The new attraction of shopping local

Retail - Workplace April 2020

With consumers making more conscious decisions around their spending, we explore the trends around shopping locally and online purchasing taking off for the retail sector.

Some hot global insights into the retail world

Retail - Workplace February 2020

Rising eCommerce and ghost kitchens are becoming more prevalent in the retail scene around the world, we take a look at these topical insights as 2020 gets underway.

Retail, but not as you know it

Retail - Workplace December 2019

Retail is changing in America and New Zealand needs to watch and learn, as the idea of static stores are being redefined and instead focusing more on the consumer experience.

Fostering acceptance, awareness and inclusion in retail

Retail - Workplace October 2019

Businesses are being urged to be more mindful of the diverse needs of their equally-diverse client base, in the effort to create a more accessible and inclusive environment for shoppers.

Retail sector trends that are influencing consumer behaviour

Retail - Workplace August 2019

In this age of diversity, consumers are being presented with so much choice and now more than ever are seeking out brands and retailers that help them make more responsible choices.

The need for hospitality businesses to keep evolving

Retail – Workplace June 2019

Competition is high in the hospitality industry and the dining public often follow dietary fads and trends, so it’s key for hospitality-related businesses to be flexible and fresh.

The circular retail economy and how it’s on the rise

Retail – Workplace April 2019

Conscious consumers search for sustainable stores that offer recycled or upcycled products that they can re-wear, reuse or repurpose.

Suburban opportunities

Retail – Workplace February 2019

How creating a successful “third place” could put your suburban business in first place.

Is a retail presence just what the doctor ordered?

Retail – Workplace November 2018

It was not so long ago in New Zealand that a visit to the doctor, medical specialist or dentist meant driving to a suburban/residential location and taking a seat in the waiting area of an old villa or bungalow.

Hitting the location bullseye to boost sales targets

Retail – Workplace October 2018

If you operate a retail business and have been finding it tricky to secure well-located retail premises – you’re not alone.

Let’s get physical to combat digital

Retail – Workplace September 2018

In a retail landscape that continues to be digitally influenced, resilience is key.

Adapt to survive

Retail – Workplace August 2018

Like every good retailer – those who are putting the consumer first and adapting to a changing environment are surviving.

Checking up on the retail sector

Retail – Workplace July 2018

Taking the pulse of physical and virtual checkouts.

The changing face of retail

Retail – Workplace June 2018

Automated retail and the changing face of shop assistants.

The “Amazon tax”

Retail – Workplace May 2018

How the “Amazon tax” would help level the NZ retail playing field.

Back to basics

Retail – Workplace April 2018

How global food trends could shake up the food and beverage sector.

Small is big

Retail – Workplace March 2018

How thinking small could equal something big.

Bigger is not always better

Retail – Workplace February 2018

Bigger is not always better – how smaller retailers can maintain a competitive edge.

How your retail business could evolve

Retail – Workplace January 2018

Looking into the retail crystal ball gives insights to how your business could evolve for success.

Consumers are being driven and influenced by ethical issues and sustainable concerns

Retail – Workplace December 2017

Global financial services firm Morgan Stanley recently conducted a survey in the UK which looked at shopping with a conscience and there could be some pointers for your retail business in the findings.

How to leverage digital trends to help meet customer retail expectations

Retail – Workplace November 2017

We’ve all had to accept that the retail environment is forever changed with the far-reaching impact that the online market – and the digital space in general – has had on the sector.

How to see your retail or hospo’
space through new eyes…

Retail – Workplace October 2017

Operators can no longer “accidentally” run their businesses – consumers are too savvy for that. In a changing world where traditional business models are being challenged, creative thinking is more important than ever. You can’t just throw open the doors and expect people to descend with their open wallets.

How to ensure you remain relevant to your customers in a fast-changing retail world

Retail – Workplace September 2017

We’ve all heard the doomsayers peddling the line that “clicks not bricks” is the way of the future striking fear into retailers’ hearts, however retail statistics in New Zealand are tracking well according to Stats NZ’s latest figures.

Could being part of a new-look food precinct
suit your business plan?

Retail – Workplace August 2017

The traditional cavernous basement-style food courts that we have become accustomed to may offer reasonable rental rates and good foot traffic numbers, but the often-poor lighting, echoing acoustics and awkward access might be a turn-off for your food retailing business or start-up.

What to look out for when committing to
new retail space off-the-plans

Retail – Workplace July 2017

New mixed-use developments and dedicated retail new-builds are providing fresh options for business owners around the country and we have a few hot tips for those looking to secure space off-the-plans

How being part of a shopping mall could work in your business's favour

Retail – Workplace June 2017

Traditional “old school” shopping malls, arcades and smaller-scale shopping centres have been under the spotlight lately with reports claiming that globally, they’re falling out of favour with customers.

Common Retail Leasing Myths – And What To Look For Instead

Retail – Workplace May 2017

As a retailer you’re probably pretty focused on the bottom dollar. But when you’re comparing leases in the search for your next shop, leave the price tag obsession to your customers. You have more important things to think about…

Could the Next Big Sporting Tour Benefit Your Business?

Retail – Workplace April 2017

The fast approaching British and Irish Lions Tour of New Zealand has more than just the sporting community excited; the hospitality and retail sectors are gearing up to optimise their share of the dollars that thousands of rugby fans will drop into metropolitan and provincial economies.

How to use locational intelligence to find the right spot for your retail business

Retail – Workplace May 2017

Given that rent is usually the biggest single business operational expense faced by retailers, it follows that location is intrinsically important to making a retail operation successful.

5 tips for creating a shop with face value

Retail – Workplace October 2016

You may have heard the small business owner’s mantra: “attract, engage and entice (omm)”. Hey, you may even be mantra-ing it right now. But have you applied it beyond your store’s welcome mat?

3 things you should consider when choosing your next shop location

Retail – Workplace September 2016

It’s clear to anyone who’s ploughed down Auckland’s Queen Street recently that the retail world is hovering in its own stratosphere right now. For everyone else there are the stats – those ones with all the zeros.

7 ways to create an enticing retail experience

Retail – Workplace July 2016

Laying on the couch is no longer the dead centre of inactivity that is used to be. The 2016 Total Retail survey of 23,000 shoppers from 25 countries found that 54% of people buy from the comfort of their lounge on at least a monthly basis.

5 factors influencing the future of retail real estate

Retail – Workplace December 2016

Welcome to the future: where we’ve torn down the bricks and mortar stores and built ones made of clicks and mortar in their place.