Retail editorial and insights

Outlet shopping is in

Retail - Workplace December 2021

Identified as a growth sector in the retail landscape, outlet store precincts offer discernible benefits for both operators and shoppers.

Old banks, new currency

Retail - Workplace October 2021

Life is being breathed into former bank premises as prime real estate is freed up across the country.

Let the fun begin

Retail - Workplace July 2021

Contemporary retail centres are embracing innovative entertainment models to boost the experience side of retail precincts.

Neighbourhood spending

Retail - Workplace May 2021

With more people regularly working from home and shopping local, suburban shopping centres and retail hubs are on the rise.

The reinvention of neighbourhood retail

Retail - Workplace October 2020

Suburban retail is undergoing a revival post-COVID, as changed workplace dynamics help to drive change.

The new attraction of shopping local

Retail - Workplace April 2020

With consumers making more conscious decisions around their spending, we explore the trends around shopping locally and online purchasing taking off for the retail sector.

Some hot global insights into the retail world

Retail - Workplace February 2020

Rising eCommerce and ghost kitchens are becoming more prevalent in the retail scene around the world, we take a look at these topical insights as 2020 gets underway.