5 Tips For Creating A Shop With Face Value

5 Tips For Creating A Shop With Face Value

Retail – Workplace October 2016

You may have heard the small business owner’s mantra: “attract, engage and entice (omm)”. Hey, you may even be mantra-ing it right now. But have you applied it beyond your store’s welcome mat? What’s in front of your shop matters every bit as much as what is in it, because foot traffic carry credit cards – and the people sitting in actual traffic probably have a couple on them as well. So, before you commit to your next terribly charming yet terribly obscured shop, let us help you out. Here are our top five tips for finding or creating a shop with good face.

1. Check if anything is in your way

So you’ve found a store that’s as cute as seven buttons. But is it visible from the road? If there’s a big tree in front of your shop, you can make whatever’s in your window as attractive, engaging and enticing as Emma Stone in Birdman and people are still going to drive on past. Take a good look at a shop you’re thinking about leasing from the outside – from directly in front, across the road, and from down the street. Check for those delightful leafy pests, but also whether the facades of neighbouring shops are literally overshadowing your own.

2. Welcome home, everyone

Stop thinking about your customers. Instead think about the people entering your store as your guests. If you treat your shop more like a home than a business, finding and then moulding something that’s attractive, engaging and enticing will be a much easier process. If you were looking for a new home you’d want somewhere that had a good-looking front yard and a welcoming entranceway, right? Apply this criteria to your store search too.

3. Make it obvious

Once you’ve found your little corner of the retail world it’s time to set up shop – starting with the façade. Your façade should welcome visitors, but not like they’re attending a Murder Mystery Night. Anyone driving or walking past should be able to tell who you are and what you’re offering at a glance – before ducking in for a closer look if you’ve done it right. And what’s right? Firstly, make it obvious what you do. Spell it out; leave the clever wording for your website. Then, make these obvious words big enough to read from the road and down the street. Finally, make sure your façade is in keeping with the architecture of your building while still incorporating your brand colours – if you don’t get the aesthetics right here, why would people trust that you have nice things to sell them inside? This is the place to call in expert help if you need it.

4. Sign right

Your signage can make or break you – by making people brake, then park in front of your shop (you do have parking near your shop right?) Employ the services of a great sign-writer, again staying true to both the architecture of the building and your brand. Then make that sign as tastefully large as it can be. But also consider the position and angle. If you put a sign on the roof, tilted a certain way, would it be visible to people driving on a nearby overpass? Speaking of visibility – light that thing up. You may only be open from nine to five, but people are out and about 24-seven. Don’t cut your free advertising hours by two thirds by leaving your sign in the dark when you go home for the night. Finally, do another sight test – is your sign being obscured by another one when viewed from down the street? If so, move it – your sign not theirs (but do what you gotta do, while we whistle and walk away…)

You know window shopping? That thing that frequently leads to actual shopping? Hate to point out the obvious, but it involves windows – as in ones you can see through clearly. It is tempting to tint your windows to protect your stock from getting sun bleached, or just to create a certain allure. But installing high quality, double-glazed windows can counter the bleaching effect. And you know what’s really alluring? A gorgeous wedding cake that doesn’t appear green. Save the tints for the ride home in your sports car.

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