7 Ways to To Create an Enticing Retail Experience

7 Ways to To Create an Enticing Retail Experience (and lure people away from online shopping)

Retail – Workplace July 2016

Laying on the couch is no longer the dead centre of inactivity that is used to be. The 2016 Total Retail survey of 23,000 shoppers from 25 countries found that 54% of people buy from the comfort of their lounge on at least a monthly basis. How do you get these people off their backs and into your place of business? You can start by making “buyingfrom the comfort of your store” a thing...

1. Cue cosiness

If it’s cold out there, nothing will get people into your store faster than turning up the temperature so that delicious heat emanates from your door – or air conditioning on a blazing hot day. But creating warmth is more than just a literal thing. Plush carpet and soft music will help build an atmosphere that your customers want to luxuriate in – whatever the weather.

2. Turn the lights down

Make your lighting soft as well – like it is at home. A lot of people hate the fluorescent lighting in their offices, they don’t want to be hanging out under it in their leisure time too. This is especially true in changing rooms. A recent study by Alert Tech found that 71% of people are more likely to buy something if they try it on. Increase your chances of getting the sale even further by making sure they like what they see when they get in there.

3. Make your shop everyone’s happy place

Warm colours such as yellow are inviting, while cool colours such as blue have a calming influence. But orange makes people happy. Make your customers happy. What’s even more important though, is matching your colour scheme to what you’re selling. If you’re a purveyor of sleek appliances, for example, bold colours may deflect from your products’ clean lines, confusing the eye. And confused customers aren’t happy customers. Pick a colour scheme that makes sense as well as creating positive, wallet-opening vibes.

4. Create in-store experiences

Bribery works as well for adults as it does for three year olds. If you want proof of this, just try attending one of sports apparel store, Lululemon’s free in-store yoga classes. Really, just try. They’re usually ‘sold’ out, with people unable to get in the door. Meanwhile, the many who do make it in often leave the class with a new purchase under their arm. Think of something that you can do that’s in keeping with what you’re selling. Free craft lessons if you have a bookstore, free cooking lessons if you own a food shop… basically, brand-fitting experiences that people can’t get on their laptop or phone.

5. Open at the right time

When do you do your shopping? If you’re like most people it’s after 5.30pm or on a Sunday 75% of the time. Set your opening hours accordingly. You don’t have to be open every hour under the sun and moon – in fact, opening at 10am and staying open an hour longer at the other end of the day could be a lot more profitable than setting your alarm to “omigod it’s early”.

6. Buy online, pick up in store

You’re probably selling something great. That’s not the problem. The problem is getting people in store – especially those who tend to shop online. These people are called Millennials. Luckily for you, in a recent study called “Millennials disrupt shopping: The new world of connected shopping” 90% admitted they would consider buying online and picking up in store if they were offered a small discount. You can recoup any loss by encouraging these people to pick up something else while they’re there. How? Did you read tips one to five?! Okay here’s one more: people tend to shop counterclockwise, so display key items to the right of your door. The one with a very welcoming welcome mat.

7. Be where your people want to be

Finally, the best thing you can do to make your shop as enticing as possible is to pick a location that your customers want to be in. Doing some research about where your target market tends to gravitate towards should be your first move before your next move – with looking at what is scheduled to be built in the area your second.

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