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76 Quinns Hill Road East, Stapylton (Australia)

Offer Open date: 21 April 2016

Manager: Centuria NZ (formerly known as Augusta Funds Management Limited)

76 Quinns Hill Road East, Stapylton in Queensland is a substantial industrial property located off the major freight route between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The property is comprised of two freestanding high stud warehouses with modern offices constructed in 2011 and a new 1,192sqm warehouse extension that was completed prior to settlement of the property (18 July 2016).

The property is leased to two long term tenants, namely Nu-Pure Pty Limited who have a 9 year lease term and A&L Windows (Qld) Pty Limited who have a 13.5 year lease term from settlement (18 July 2016). Both leases have rent review provisions with built in annual growth - a minimum of 4% for Nu-Pure and 3.5% for A&L Windows. Augusta established an Australian limited liability partnership (LLP) which acquired this property. The Quinns Hill Road LLP comprised of 280 units of A$50,000 each, a total equity raise of A$14,000,000. The projected pre-tax operating return for the LLP for the full year ending 30 June 2017 was 7.65%.

Details of how the return is calculated and the risks associated with the investment are set out in the original Product Disclosure Statement.
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