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Bayleys Sandringham residential sales office is based in the heart of this compact yet thriving township. Our experienced team of salespeople are passionate about this unique part of Auckland and are ready to provide you with the type of service you deserve in both marketing and negotiating. With a high profile location on Sandringham Road, the Bayleys Sandringham team has consistently produced top salespeople and top results. Our office has a dedicated team of residential real estate agents with a strong knowledge of Auckland property sales and trends for the inner suburbs as well as the New Zealand and international real estate markets. The Bayleys Sandringham sales team will, with the combined support of their agency, develop and implement a marketing plan best suited to achieving the best sale price on your property.

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Sandringham Village was established around 1915 when the first shops were built at Warings corner at the intersection of Sandringham Road with Kitchener Road. This initial commercial block was followed by rapid development in the 1920s when the majority of buildings in the centre were built. Between 1920 and 1930 the centre had been substantially built and therefore comparative to other established commercial centres, buildings in Sandringham are quite consistent in their typically two storied scale, architectural style and type. Apart from the Mayfair theatre which was demolished in 1993, Sandringham’s early commercial buildings still remain. The 1920s was a period of considerable development of the building type evident in Sandringham; the shop with dwelling above that was built on main public transport routes. Original floor plans show that some of these buildings were mixed-use developments comprising retail, commercial and residential apartments, not that dissimilar to current trends evident in Auckland. Sandringham Village is a walk of a few blocks south along Sandringham Rd from the Outer Link bus route, which travels along Balmoral Road, and has a strong South Asian influence (Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistani) in restaurants, takeaways and small supermarkets, Halal butchers and Bollywood movies. The suburb of Sandringham has good connectivity with public transport routes (bus) and is directly connected to the South Western Motorway which is the alternative ring route for Auckland with the Waterview Tunnel. Further north, Sandringham Road passes Eden Park. The focus over the past few years has certainly been on Sandringham as a popular and desirable place to live.

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