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Bayleys Auckland Central offices are shared by Bayleys Commercial Sales, Commercial Leasing & Bayleys Syndications, Bayleys Residential Property Management, Bayleys Commercial Property Management and Bayleys Valuations.

Bayleys Auckland Central office location is also shared by Bayleys Realty Group and the Bayley Corporation Ltd. 

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As New Zealand's biggest city, Auckland represents a huge diversity of geography and population. With mountain ranges, black and white sand beaches on either coastline, volcanoes, and vineyards, Auckland is home to the world's biggest conglomeration of Pacific Island peoples, as well as a huge influence from Asian, European and South African cultures. Supporting the 1.4million people is a full gamut of social and commercial services.

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People at Auckland Central

Tom Patton

Tom Patton

Bayleys Auckland Central

Mobile: +64 21 147 6385
Office: +64 9 309 6020