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The presence of nationally recognized real estate brand Bayleys is a welcome sign indicating a strengthening local residential market. With an enviable outlook Bayleys Bream Bay office at Rauiri Drive showcases a stunning array of properties from all around the Ruakaka and One Tree Point areas adding strength to the Bayleys brand in Northland. Our passionate agents understand the great value of their local property and are dedicated to promoting this destination and take pride in the fact that they provide the highest level of industry experience, service and commitment. When you choose Bayleys Bream Bay you choose a company that works for you.


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Bream Bay is a locality and bay on the east coast of New Zealand. 'Bream Bay' is loosely used as a collaboration of the three major towns that satellite the main metropolitan area which are Ruakaka, One Tree Point and Waipu. The physical bay itself geographically spreads from the mouth of Whangarei Harbour (Bream Head), 22 kilometers south, to the southern most point of Waipu Cove (Bream Tail). The area also inhabits 3 native reserve islands, located just off the coast of Bream Bay, The Hen and Chickens Islands and Sail Rock Island.

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Tony Bender

Bayleys Whangarei

Mobile: +64 21 932 142
Office: +64 9 470 0960

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